Boredom has a Fact

Really? That’s my reaction but yes, there is a fact about boredom and I don’t know if this will bore you more or lighten up your heavy monotonous zone.

BOREDOM FACT: The first recorded use of the word “boredom” was only 160 years ago.

See, this is not even near “interesting”. Boredom’s fact just encouraged my sense to more boredom. How awesome is that right. Boring! I think it’s better to watch Forrest Gump at this moment of dullness. It’s totally much entertaining than this subject.


Blog Here & There

Travels, games, sports, books, movies, television series, hike, camps, humanitarian voluntary activities, free treats, shopping, food trips, trends, phones, laptops –we all engage to something interesting. And because of today’s latest technology what a person’s authentic experience at the other end of the earth can be shared to those at the opposite side and many other places.

Now, that’s just one of the many ways to get out of boredom zone. Unemployed or not, we all get tired over something we do over and over again. Thank goodness interaction is not limited to defined circles within your community and imaginary space, different people of different backgrounds and culture can get connected with each other whenever and wherever we want.

The purpose of setting up this blog is to put another outlet on my list of monotony-savers. I guess it’s interesting to read outputs on my own space and not always on Yahoo forums or Facebook pages.