End of Vacation

That is for both my brother and my cute little chubby sister who took the joy and liberty of doing nothing for a week free of assignments, projects and lectures from teachers.

It was due to the bad weather and the floods all over the metro that classes resumed only this week. Public schools and gymnasiums were used as evacuation centres up to the present. Good for our city, even though our municipal was submerged to half of the flood but after a week everything got back together like nothing happened.

Our house was not flooded our street bore an instant river with floating unspeakable matters for two days. We weren’t able to go out of the house; it was like we were stuck in an island. Thankfully it subsided after some 2 to 4 days of strong rain.

ImageAnyway, now that they’re back to school I thought it’d be a good thing to give my sister a little present. She’s always borrowing stuff from me ever since school year started so I guess the gift’s purpose is also to prevent her from borrowing bags from me. I think she will love this very cute bag I saw from this site, the bag’s pictured on the left.

It’s a strawberry looking bag that very much will fit the little strawberry purse I bought her from Baguio back last summer. What do you guys think?


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