Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall – Christmas Shopping on a Tight Budget


Christmas time is officially two months away and I’m still in between jobs. My life sucks. Thankfully, I had other options to get my hands on some pretty cool stuff. How does a person with no income whatsoever get a hold of what they want (to buy)? He or she turns to the magic of credit card. So like any stupid person, I let greediness get the best of me. I bought my family and boyfriend gifts worth beyond what I can afford. Basically, I bought them something. And boy, I couldn’t afford crap if I wanted to. It was that bad. But after getting everything delivered, all was well. It felt right. I may be unemployed now but I know in my heart that I am a few months away from landing a good paying job that would ease me out of all my misery. That has yet to happen but I will definitely write about it when that glorious moment happens. Until then, back to my Christmas shopping. I bought a flat screen television for the family in an online shopping site that was just launched here in manila. My parents are way too old to be watching from a larger than life old school box anyway.

LazadaPH has everything you’d ever want to get for your family members. If you don’t have one in mind, you’ll get a lot of ideas just by scrolling through their many options. I personally am of their Phones & Accessories category. I’m still eying on the iphone 5. I have my hopes up that they’ll sooner or later put that on sale. I have high hopes but an unemployed marketing graduate can dream. Actually, that’s pretty much the only thing I can do. Don’t think I’m as irresponsible as how I made myself seem with what I earlier said. I still try to spot deals that can shed off a few pesos from my credit card. I was on this wicked site 24/7 awaiting the new discounts they’d propose each new day. The television that I bought was actually discounted.

The odds of my parents having a crappy television and spotting a good flat screen I thought was so high that it was more likely for Lindsay Lohan to get sober. The odds were on my favor and I took home a television that was cheap but in perfect condition. I didn’t graduate top of my Marketing class but I sure know my ways in spotting promos that are really worth the buck from promos that are just made to look like it was offered at a cheaper price. It was a good thing and it sure came in handy. I never thought I’d get in the wave of online buyers until I started seeing the advantage for myself. It’s nice to know that there are sites out there we impulsive buyers can check out. It’s a perfect safety net for those who only remember they need to buy someone a gift at the last minute. You can pay it through your credit card and get it shifted to whoever you want to give it to free of charge. Good deals come in great packages and I sure found my heaven.


Lazada PH Review: Job Well Done

A couple of weeks before my much awaited trip to Cebu, my little brother accidently ran into my DSLR camera and broke its lens. Though I was really devastated and angry because I spent a huge amount of money for it, I have no choice but to replace it. It was also a good thing that my brother offered to help me find a good deal online and even agreed to pay for the replacements.

Luckily, we have come across a site that offers great camera deals. The site is called Lazada PH. My girlfriend, who at that time was at our home, even said she has an account and the site is legit so we decided to purchase from it. Upon check out, the site said that we would received a confirmation immediately after payment and that the item would only take around three to five days which seemed ok for me. Days passed though, but I was not able to receive any confirmation on email. My girlfriend even tried to double check it but still, confirmation was not there. We then decided to call their hotline. The patient guy who helped me asked for my information and confirmed my purchased. He assured me that they were in the process of shipping the item in my home.

Days passed but no delivery guy with a camera appeared at my doorstep. I was really starting to get annoyed so I decided to call their hotline once more and seek for help. Again, the agent who answered my call seemed patient and kind. She apologized for the inconvenience that they have caused an even gave me a 500 discount voucher for my next purchased. She also guaranteed that I would definitely receive what I’ve purchased in that same week.
Though I have experienced delayed, I wanted to give Lazada PH a positive review because they definitely work to resolve an issue. They also acknowledged their mistakes and gave me a huge discount in the form of voucher. Good thing my new camera arrived just when I was about to go to Cebu and it works well too. I just hope what I have experienced won’t happen to other customers. I’m hoping they would be able to improve on their services more.

Lazada Ph: Great help is just a phone call away Review

I called LazadaPH’s customer service line because I hate reading instructions. I simply don’t have the patience. I think it’s boring and just a waste of time. Especially if I know that there’s help available. I like calling customer service to get the information that I need instead of going through FAQs and fine prints to figure it out myself. My years of dealing with customer service people on the phone has refined my idea of what excellent customer service is and that made me a tough critic when it comes to the quality of service I am getting. I am a stickler for details. I notice miscellaneous stuff like the customer service rep’s tone of voice, attitude and use of language. My customer service standard is simply high. Period.
So I gave Lazada Philippines a buzz to ask a whole bunch of questions. Lots of questions that I even got myself an actual laundry list of items that I want to clarify before I take the plunge. I knew that Lazada is pretty new in the game so this time I decided to cut them some slack and lowered my so called high customer service standards. Albeit I didn’t expect much I must say that I was impressed. The gentleman I was speaking with on the phone answering my questions and walking me through the details was very patient, all clued up and very professional. I talk up a storm but he never got intimated, not even a tiny bit. I was surprised that the call didn’t feel like a stiff business call but rather a light and fun interaction which is not the case when I am dealing with other companies. You can really tell that Lazada took the time to do things right by having well trained customer service representatives manning their phones. The challenge right now is consistency but I know a great company like Lazada will not stop at just meeting expectations but rather continuously exceed them. Awesome job guys! Y’all deserve a pat on the back.