Lazada PH Review: Job Well Done

A couple of weeks before my much awaited trip to Cebu, my little brother accidently ran into my DSLR camera and broke its lens. Though I was really devastated and angry because I spent a huge amount of money for it, I have no choice but to replace it. It was also a good thing that my brother offered to help me find a good deal online and even agreed to pay for the replacements.

Luckily, we have come across a site that offers great camera deals. The site is called Lazada PH. My girlfriend, who at that time was at our home, even said she has an account and the site is legit so we decided to purchase from it. Upon check out, the site said that we would received a confirmation immediately after payment and that the item would only take around three to five days which seemed ok for me. Days passed though, but I was not able to receive any confirmation on email. My girlfriend even tried to double check it but still, confirmation was not there. We then decided to call their hotline. The patient guy who helped me asked for my information and confirmed my purchased. He assured me that they were in the process of shipping the item in my home.

Days passed but no delivery guy with a camera appeared at my doorstep. I was really starting to get annoyed so I decided to call their hotline once more and seek for help. Again, the agent who answered my call seemed patient and kind. She apologized for the inconvenience that they have caused an even gave me a 500 discount voucher for my next purchased. She also guaranteed that I would definitely receive what I’ve purchased in that same week.
Though I have experienced delayed, I wanted to give Lazada PH a positive review because they definitely work to resolve an issue. They also acknowledged their mistakes and gave me a huge discount in the form of voucher. Good thing my new camera arrived just when I was about to go to Cebu and it works well too. I just hope what I have experienced won’t happen to other customers. I’m hoping they would be able to improve on their services more.


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