Customer Service is at the core of Lazada PH- A Review

This is one of the many things I noticed first about this online shopping website Lazada PH. They are very much particular about the satisfaction and welfare of their customers and they try as much as possible to create a close relationship with them. This does not mean though that you can just send an email to a customer service representative out of blue. Of course that would be weird. But for the many times I sent an email to them, I have never experienced rejection. They make it a point to respond to me.


What’s great about Lazada Philippines’ customer service feature is that they are not only available to respond to delivery, payment and product complaints. They are also available if you need to inquire about something or if you want to instruct them to send you the best copy of a book. This came to me as a surprise because other online shopping websites fail to focus on these things because all they really think about is their sales and how much time they will waste if they respond to their customer’s queries.


But not with Lazada Philippines. Here, I get answers to all my questions and the customer service quality that I get is also top-notch. I can say this because there was I time when I was asking the representative to tell me how many stocks of this particular book they have at the moment.  Actually I think this can be seen on their website but I only realized it after I sent out my email. So I was expecting to get a response that goes something like: “Dear Sir/Madam, This information can be found on the site. Thank you for your patronage.”


Instead I got a full pledged response that gave me information not only on how many stocks they have left of this book but also on other things. The customer representative even encouraged me to send any questions and queries about their other products and assured me that they will try their best to respond to me within 24 hours.


Since then I always make it a point to inquire about the things that I plan to purchase from the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall. I especially do this when I am buying gadgets and furniture that are quite costly. Of course as a customer I want to make sure that my money won’t be put to waste and this is exactly what I have been enjoying from the very beginning.


There was also another instance wherein I complained about a faulty product that was delivered to me and the customer representative assigned to my problem responded and promised to look into the issue. In a few days a delivery man knocked on my door and told me that the product I purchased earlier will gladly be replaced.


So if you get this kind of care and attention from Lazada Philippines’ customer service personnel, wouldn’t you just love to rely on them for all of your online purchases? I know for sure that I would!




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Good investment deals at e-commerce websites like Lazada- A Review

Who ever claim to have not ever been able to access a computer is either old or allergic to technological development. Either way, you are one unlucky bastard. It is highly unlikely in today’s generation to come across a person who has not heard of the computer or worse, the Internet. This is especially true if you are living in the suburbs or the city. For decades now, the Internet has become more of an essential than a source of leisure. Unlike the years of Microsoft and Macintosh while they were still competitors, today computers are more affordable and available hence making access to Internet more usual. An industry of virtual corporate world immersed stomping over all other styles of information dissemination and moneymaking projects. The Internet created a world of possibilities. Now, it has become if not the best, one of the most reliable sources of knowledge and income.

So many reviews have been made about just how useful the Internet is for finding information. I, on the other hand, choose to be different.

I will be stressing on the perks of being able to freely access businesses online. The advantages of figuring out where to properly allocate your income and get much more than what you paid for.

Money makes the world go round and regardless how much others would beg to differ, these pieces of paper assure us of our stability. But one does not have to risk losing their hard earned cash on necessities that can possibly be availed with a better deal if they know the ethics of true investment. One way of benefiting more from what you bargained for is taking into account the existence of the Internet and taking advantage of it. Online, everyone can find shopping malls or online stores, as most would refer to it. There are a lot of online stores that offer promos that can save you up to 90% discount or freebies. So many online businesses can supply you with a long list of good investment deals. It’s just a matte of knowing which ones they are.

An example of a public serving e-commerce website is Lazada Philippines.

It is fueled by one of the most prestigious online venture builders, Rocket Internet, owned by the popular European Samwer brothers. This company is sweeping Southeast Asia’s influential countries, the Philippines included by storm. They feed daily discounts, free delivery, and flexible payment methods just to name a few to those who are willing to submit to the ultimate online shopping experience.

Apparently, diplomas are no longer as self-assuring as universities would like to convey because it doesn’t take a graduate to make good decisions anymore. Anyone who has access to the web can formulate a direction for their respective businesses transactions according to their liking. With so much information available in the palm of your hands, you no longer have to be knowledgeable of the kinks of business ventures professionally to decipher decisions worth making from those that aren’t. You can survive accessing the web allowing yourself to be vulnerable to what may come ahead. You can direct your financial priorities to deals that will benefit you most. The true test lies to your capability to link yourself to good serving websites, those that specifically do not only exist to earn but also to serve others.


Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall- Lazada Philippines serving me convenience at its best


Are you missing someone from back home but you’re either working on getting a green card or working to support your family? Are you deprived of your option to fly back to the Philippines so you can enjoy the holidays with the people you love? It’s hard to be away from home. I would know. I worked overseas in Hong Kong for two years but got lucky when I got a reasonable offer in my hometown in Quezon sufficient enough to make me go back for good. I used to set aside a part of my monthly income for my family’s pasalubong requests so that by the time I fly back, I’d have enough money to fill balikbayan. For some reason, there’s a misconception that life’s a lot easier when you’re working abroad. I wish it were true. But since Hong Kong’s a real cheap place to shop, I tried to make the best out of each trip back home.

Around this time of the year, I’d be walking the streets of Hong Kong finding the perfect gifts for my loved ones. I knew every spot there was to get the best buys making it a lot easier for me to shop given my really short breaks. But now because I was gone for quite a long time, all my favorite stores have either closed or relocated. I used to visit Anson’s or Western every time I’d want to get myself some new kitchenware. Now I have to check every home store to get exactly what I want.  Since this personal tragedy, I tried to find other options that were convenient to me. There have been many websites that provide services through selling products online. I’ve come across this one site called LazadaPH and it just feel it’s amazing. First of all, I see this site giving really good bargains to be able to buy material wants and needs at a cheaper price. And with this coming season of gift giving I see that this will boom especially on the crowd of our fellow Filipinos out of the country. LAZADA.COM.PH provides a great avenue for OFW to be able to send out gifts even if they are abroad. With so much promos especially during the Christmas Season this gives Filipinos abroad opportunity to give their family’s to feel that they are still there during the season. This gives an opportunity to be able to spread the holiday spirit and OFW’s are the ones that I see benefitting the most out of this site. I may not live abroad but I’d be happy to hear that a gift would be arriving from a loved that I haven’t seen for so long. I think it’s a great site for people who work outside the country. Out of everyone who uses the said site, OFWs can take advantage of its services because let’s admit it, door to door services are really pricy not to mention sometimes we have to add addition payments for baggage that go beyond the baggage weight limit.