Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall- Lazada Philippines serving me convenience at its best


Are you missing someone from back home but you’re either working on getting a green card or working to support your family? Are you deprived of your option to fly back to the Philippines so you can enjoy the holidays with the people you love? It’s hard to be away from home. I would know. I worked overseas in Hong Kong for two years but got lucky when I got a reasonable offer in my hometown in Quezon sufficient enough to make me go back for good. I used to set aside a part of my monthly income for my family’s pasalubong requests so that by the time I fly back, I’d have enough money to fill balikbayan. For some reason, there’s a misconception that life’s a lot easier when you’re working abroad. I wish it were true. But since Hong Kong’s a real cheap place to shop, I tried to make the best out of each trip back home.

Around this time of the year, I’d be walking the streets of Hong Kong finding the perfect gifts for my loved ones. I knew every spot there was to get the best buys making it a lot easier for me to shop given my really short breaks. But now because I was gone for quite a long time, all my favorite stores have either closed or relocated. I used to visit Anson’s or Western every time I’d want to get myself some new kitchenware. Now I have to check every home store to get exactly what I want.  Since this personal tragedy, I tried to find other options that were convenient to me. There have been many websites that provide services through selling products online. I’ve come across this one site called LazadaPH and it just feel it’s amazing. First of all, I see this site giving really good bargains to be able to buy material wants and needs at a cheaper price. And with this coming season of gift giving I see that this will boom especially on the crowd of our fellow Filipinos out of the country. LAZADA.COM.PH provides a great avenue for OFW to be able to send out gifts even if they are abroad. With so much promos especially during the Christmas Season this gives Filipinos abroad opportunity to give their family’s to feel that they are still there during the season. This gives an opportunity to be able to spread the holiday spirit and OFW’s are the ones that I see benefitting the most out of this site. I may not live abroad but I’d be happy to hear that a gift would be arriving from a loved that I haven’t seen for so long. I think it’s a great site for people who work outside the country. Out of everyone who uses the said site, OFWs can take advantage of its services because let’s admit it, door to door services are really pricy not to mention sometimes we have to add addition payments for baggage that go beyond the baggage weight limit.



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