Customer Service is at the core of Lazada PH- A Review

This is one of the many things I noticed first about this online shopping website Lazada PH. They are very much particular about the satisfaction and welfare of their customers and they try as much as possible to create a close relationship with them. This does not mean though that you can just send an email to a customer service representative out of blue. Of course that would be weird. But for the many times I sent an email to them, I have never experienced rejection. They make it a point to respond to me.


What’s great about Lazada Philippines’ customer service feature is that they are not only available to respond to delivery, payment and product complaints. They are also available if you need to inquire about something or if you want to instruct them to send you the best copy of a book. This came to me as a surprise because other online shopping websites fail to focus on these things because all they really think about is their sales and how much time they will waste if they respond to their customer’s queries.


But not with Lazada Philippines. Here, I get answers to all my questions and the customer service quality that I get is also top-notch. I can say this because there was I time when I was asking the representative to tell me how many stocks of this particular book they have at the moment.  Actually I think this can be seen on their website but I only realized it after I sent out my email. So I was expecting to get a response that goes something like: “Dear Sir/Madam, This information can be found on the site. Thank you for your patronage.”


Instead I got a full pledged response that gave me information not only on how many stocks they have left of this book but also on other things. The customer representative even encouraged me to send any questions and queries about their other products and assured me that they will try their best to respond to me within 24 hours.


Since then I always make it a point to inquire about the things that I plan to purchase from the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall. I especially do this when I am buying gadgets and furniture that are quite costly. Of course as a customer I want to make sure that my money won’t be put to waste and this is exactly what I have been enjoying from the very beginning.


There was also another instance wherein I complained about a faulty product that was delivered to me and the customer representative assigned to my problem responded and promised to look into the issue. In a few days a delivery man knocked on my door and told me that the product I purchased earlier will gladly be replaced.


So if you get this kind of care and attention from Lazada Philippines’ customer service personnel, wouldn’t you just love to rely on them for all of your online purchases? I know for sure that I would!




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