Lazada Philippines Review: You Can Rely on the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall

Rely on

The evolution of the world wide web from a private network to a public domain has its pros and cons.  Although I am not one with vast knowledge with regards to this development, I know that one of the benefits would be accessibility and availability of information and content to more people and possibly all.  This same benefit brings about the biggest disadvantage of a public domain as well.  Freedom of access opened the door for fraud committed online.  This is not unknown for us as news involving crimes committed via the internet often makes its way to our consciousness everyday.  And this is the reason why the impulsive shopper in me, impulsively checks the company I purchase from just like a did when I first heard of Lazada Philippines


I found out that Lazada Philippines is owned by Rocket Internet which has been in existence since 1999.  Rocket Internet is an online venture builder that has created over 100 market-leading companies in 40 countries.  Furthermore, it currently has 25 international offices in 5 continents. I continued doing my background check about the company and its operations just out of sheer curiosity; and I must say that the more I found out about them, the more I become convinced that  they were for real.


Top of the Line Products


Unlike other online stores, the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall does not just sell anything on their website.  Their wide variety of product choices they have made available include brands that has earned the trust of worldwide consumers over time such as Asahi, Canon, Carrier, Casio, Hanabishi, Kyowa, LG, Nokia, Panasonic, Pampers, Philips, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba to name a few.  These are familiar products which has been synonymous with the word quality.


More research shows that prior to its launch, the Lazada group has already established itself in neighboring Asian countries namely Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.  All of which are known for competing and successfully establishing themselves in the global market.  Its introduction in the Philippines opens a great deal of opportunity for local businesses to thrive world wide as well.


Better Safe than Sorry
Of course these information is readily available on the internet so I went on to read reviews from customers who could attest to the level of truth found in every advertising promises.  As expected, there has been a mix of positive and negative reviews; so just to make sure, I considered myself warned before I placed my very first orders.


The very first item I bought was a microwave.  There are lots of microwaves available in the market but not everything durable and a responsible business looks after the welfare of its patrons over profit.  The descriptions found on each product is detailed and when I found what i was looking for I proceeded with the payment.  I was surprised to find out that they had nationwide free delivery available and that one of their payment options included Cash on Delivery which I preferred.  My first purchase was followed by more purchases.  I never encountered a problem with any of the deals I have made with Lazada Philippines and to this day I remain a loyal customer.


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