Save Money, Use Your Credit Card When You Shop In Lazada This Christmas- A Review


I am very fond of regular shopping and online shopping. Most of my online shopping purchases are being done through LazadaPH because I get to take advantage of paying over time since I use my BDO credit card a lot. Right now, Lazada has an on-going promotion for BDO credit card holders. It started Nov. 6 and will last until the end of the year. This promotional offer with BDO allows you to shop and pay for selected items for three months at zero percent interest.

This promotion is for people who revolves balances on their credit cards but does not want to pay high interest fees. Imagine not having to pay interest on an item that you bought through your credit card. Awesome right?  In my case, since I use my credit cards a lot even on items that are not covered by zero interest, I usually find myself paying twice more than what the price tag is. Like last time when I got a pair of sneakers that I purchased through my credit card, the charge that got added to my total credit card bill racked up the interest a couple of hundred pesos more which in theory made the pair of shoes I purchased a bit more expensive than if I just bought it using hard cash. I am not really complaining though because that is simply how it is. That is how the financial system works, if you want to buy things with money that you don’t have, you definitely have to pay more. That is the reason why I am always on the prowl for these zero interest promotions by merchants and credit card companies because I want to defer my payment and at the same time pay zero interest. Pretty much like a best of both worlds kind of situation. Who does not want that right? However, there are eligibility requirements for this Lazada/BDO promotion. Don’t worry it is not that restrictive. The promotion is available to BDO Mastercard or Visa cardholders except for corporate, CUP credit cards (I think CUP stands for China Union Pay), commercial and tie-up cards. It is very easy to participate, all you got to do is go to the Lazada.Ph website, register and go start shopping. The items that are included on the promotion are varied, there are lots of items to choose from ranging from electronics, computers and home appliances. I also found out that Lazada is planning to include more items in the future. Right now, to make sure that the item you are purchasing is going to be eligible for the three month zero interest promotion, you have to look for the BDO logo which tells you that you may pay the item for three months at zero percent interest. What’s good is that there is no cap or limit to the number of items that you can purchase through this promotion. You can purchase as much as your credit card limit allows. I find it really good that Lazada came up with this in time for the Christmas season. It sure will benefit people who love giving gifts but do not want to blow their money away in a single shopping spree. You can no go ahead and get some gifts for your loved ones and still have your 13th month pay intact.



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