How good and reliable Lazada Philippines services are- A Review

Good & Reliable

When a company is able to provide me with quality items and service, then surely, they’ll have me crawling in the palm of their hands. It’s not easy to get a market that has already established their respective favorite online shopping sites by now. It’s like coming up with your own sports brand and trying to take away the loyalists of Nike and Adidas and make them your solid market. It’s possible. But it’s not easy and it’s going to take a lot of money, effort and innovative ideas. Innovation is the ultimate factor that sets apart any company or brand from each other. Whether it be the design, the marketing strategy, service, or the item itself, coming up with something extremely different and out of the ordinary is the best bet to winning over possible clients or customers.


                Lazada Philippines is one of the websites that plays with the kind of services they can offer. It sells items that have already been sold in the market prior to their existence online. They are one of the channels that retailers and sellers can make use of to make faster and larger amounts of sales. They come up with several promos or discounts every month. They also have outstanding service offers like free delivery for purchases amounting to one thousand pesos and above, a 7-day return policy applicable to all customers as well as several modes of payments to choose from like Cash on Delivery, DragonPay or through MasterCard or Visa credit cards. Because of their countless great services available daily, they have managed to win over a number of loyalist and regular buyers. They once came up with a promo that entitles anyone who is registered or subscribed to their newsletter a chance to win 90% off items like iPads and digital cameras. Occasional visitors are also welcome to join but that’s if they’re lucky enough to spot the promos the day of their random site visit. I have always felt how reliable Lazada can get ever since I first purchased my son’s Marvel Spiderman action figure in their website. The first factor that made me consider buying from them is the fact that they have opened numerous sites in 5 continents and is internationally acclaimed. This goes to show how it has international standards. Second is that I have had great experiences buying from their sister company, Zalora Philippines. Third, they have an excellent selection of items so I’m not limited to buying something that may be defective and the chances of that are really thin. Also, if ever it has manufacturing problems or mishandling, I am given seven days to return the item and get a complete refund. Last but not the least, I can choose from different banks or credit cards to make use of in paying my orders. If ever I feel unsecure in giving out details that may be put to the wrong hands, I always have the option to pay only upon the arrival of my order through Cash on delivery.



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Lazada Review: Online shopping Experience with absolute convenience

absolute experience

So what is Lazada Philippines really about? They are an aggressive online shopping mall in the Philippines that took over the local Internet marketing by storm. They launched early of March 2012. Lazada is actually a South East Asia venture that is also available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.  They are under Rocket Internet, one of the biggest E-commerce German based company owned by the Samwer Brothers.  Their vision is simple, make shopping as convenient as possible to people. A convenience where people don’t necessarily need to face the crowd or spend extra money on transportation when going to malls.

So what made Lazada confident in offering their online shopping experience the online local market? Everyone knows here in the Philippines that online transaction is not highly though of by locals since fraud and scams are really high in the country. This is one of the reason why E-commerce penetration for any online business to invest on our country. Lazada came in and did their homework. They actually formulated a payment method that not only will cater to non-credit cardholders but also eliminate the idea of Filipinos not trusting online when it comes to doing business such as purchasing via online transaction.

This is where “Cash on Delivery comes in, a payment method that gives customers a guarantee that their money won’t be put to waste. What “Cash on Delivery” does is that customers can buy items on the Lazada’s website and pay only after the item is delivered at their home. You pay as the item as they handover your order package. This is actually a payment method that fits perfectly on their free delivery service. It’s pretty much like buying on malls just happened that it’s the other way around it’s the item you want that actually comes to you.

Personally, I think Lazada changed how local online users have perceived online shopping. Now I see a lot of online shopping malls being launched since they started catering to the Filipino consumers online.  It’s actually a great thing the local business owners are starting to realize the potential of selling online and what impact it can bring on their business. What’s good about online is the costing for marketing is very low when compared to traditional or offline marketing. You can even market your business online for free just by using Facebook or posting online. But still, the beauty in online shopping and actually doing the transaction online is much faster and easier for users. Before Lazada came to the Philippines, local online users go to classified ads such as sulit and ayosdito to get leads and potential leads from a third party vendor. Final transactions are still being done offline. A lot were actually scammed in the past with this kind of buying/selling method. With Lazada, people can be assured that they are purchasing from an authorized reseller of various products and brands. They even guarantee 1 year warrantees just like what the mall stores offer to their customers.

Lazada’s fruitful bearing- A Review

fruitful bearing



Everything is now literally online. When the internet was brought about, it literally just made things a lot easier: from looking for a restaurant, eating at night to booking a flight for vacation for the upcoming summer. And now we add in the factor of shopping online wherein we try to find the best buys and promos. LazadaPH definitely has the edge when it comes to this. Their promos and deals give online shoppers such as me a good deal when we purchase through them. It is nice to know that we can receive discounts and other benefits just by choosing to buy from them instead of going to a retail store or even actual mall. More often than not they always, I mean literally always, have a promo up in line. Be it the hourly promo or just the big discount that they already have on hand. It is pretty cool that they even have installments available when you make use of your credit cards. The fact that these installments do not have interests when terms of payment are a concern makes it even better. Thinking that some of the products would be overpriced, the promos and deals they have would inevitably give us second thought if whether it’s a steal or we are just that lucky to somehow have come across it. Even through simply registering to the newsletter, you are automatically entitled to two hundred pesos worth of voucher.

It’s such a cool deal considering that I did not even have to buy anything at all. It is as if they are the ones who are paying us. Featuring and prioritizing the products on sale is also helpful that gives us that we immediately see what is a good buy. Along with this, purchasing certain amount of products can even give us freebies. If that does not impress you, I don’t know what else will. From shoes to shirts to even hats they have sales going all around alongside unending promos for the apparel and clothing we would want to have hanging in our room closet. We were even able to find pairs that would just mesh together just like the amazing sales and discounts they just give away. Electronics as well have the amazing bargains that reach from cell phones, television sets, and even house hold appliances, all with respective discounts. The category of promos and deals tell us just how much they brainstorm and come up with various ways to attract us buyers. It is likely for you to check that out prior to even checking out what may be on regular prices. But actually it’s rare to see items that would have no red tags that show a percent discount on it by the side. Almost all of the stuff being sold is given that distinct red tag that would catch your attention. Lazada has really brought shopping to a different level that caters to the mass population. Almost everything now is in the internet and I think the band wagon brings in this site where we are able to find good buys and promos for our liking.





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Lazada Philippines made my daughter’s birthday memorable- A Review

18th birthday Last Christmas I hit up LazadaPH to look around for tablets and nope I am not talking about those hard tiny things that you pop into your mouth when you are feeling under the weather. What I am getting at is the tablet PC. I was just astounded when I was looking around online checking out reviews and trying to learn more about tablets that this seemingly nascent computing technology harks back to as early as the year 1888 when the first patent for an electronic tablet device used for handwriting was granted. It was just very interesting to know that this technology existed during the same decade that Karl Benz was working on the first car.

It is more interesting that it took such a long time for the tablet to get into mass production. If you are into science fiction movies, you would have probably noticed that the tablet is a staple tech props in the sets for these movies. These fictional tablets were named with the word “Tab” included on the description, take for example a couple of science fiction films where the early versions of the tablet showed up: Arthur C. Clarke’s “The Sentinel” which was adapted by Stanley Kubrick into the 1968 science fiction opus 2001: A space Odyssey where the tablet was called the NewsPad. Another one is the 1951 novel Foundation by Isaac Asimov where it was called the Calculator Pad. These guys were pretty visionary if you are going to think about it. Anyway, I am not going to go through this snooze inducing lecture anymore. What I wanted to drop in today is how Lazada Ph turned my daughters 18th birthday into an absolutely memorable one. My not-so-little princess anymore has been cajoling me all year round to get her a tablet. I have been stalling and delaying it because I don’t want to get it for her on an ordinary day. I was intending for it to be a surprise for her 18th birthday. I work for a hotel chain in Davao and my family is in Manila. I planned a five-day vacation for them during the Christmas holidays and also in time for my daughter’s birthday on the 23rd. Since there was no way for me to go shopping for my daughters tablet I decided to order it online through Lazada Philippines, I ordered it ahead of time to make it sure that it will get to the hotel during my family’s five-day stay to get on that element of surprise thing for my little girl. I placed the order as early as the 13th of December to give Lazada ample time for delivery since timeframes for out of Metro Manila orders take around 5-10 business days.

To make it more exciting, I even had the attention to name on the packaging put under my daughter’s name and I connived with one of my hotel staff to hand it over to my girl personally once it arrives. What I appreciated was the timing of its arrival, it arrived on, guess what, the actual day of her birthday which I was not really expecting. Thanks to Lazada, my daughter got her Apple iPad mini on her very special day.





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Lazada Philippines Review: Payment- Payment options made easy

made easyIf you’re looking for flexible payment terms from discounts to modes, Lazada Philippines can help you handle your finances well. It has only been operating for less than a year and already it has made countless numbers of transactions and established itself as the Philippines’ online shopping mall like they claim to be. From 0% interest to installments, Lazada offers a variety of payment methods that’s sure to suit you. They provide options like Cash on Delivery, dragonpay and credit card payments that allow all kinds of customers to feel comfortable about making their purchases no matter how big the amount may be. It’s highly unlikely for a person to purchase something from a website that offers very few options in terms of payment. I personally don’t like meet ups because being put in a situation with a complete stranger becomes unsafe at some point. Growing up outside the city, I never grew fond of the idea of meeting up with someone. I don’t live near the usual landmarks they put as options so if ever I decide to commute all the way to the city, it would defeat the purpose of ordering online to make shopping a lot less hassle. Things now are different because people don’t necessarily opt to buy in malls anymore. Especially if they know websites that specifically hold the items of their choice. Why go out of your house to buy something you can order through your computer? That’s why I always prefer paying using my mom’s credit card or paying only upon receiving the item I ordered. Online shopping sites or e-commerce websites cater to a wider scope in terms of market so they’re forced to give better options in paying to accommodate all kinds of consumers residing all over the country. This fact has become my advantage because I can avail anything I want online regardless of my location. I remember having to go all the way to Megamall in ortigas just to check out F21 when in fact, F21 has a website that allows their customers to by online. The only downside to this is the fact that they sell their products in dollars. I don’t like to complicate my life when buying anything so conversion just never really became an option. Flexible payment methods make customers need not worry anymore about the stress of accomplishing payments. These kinds of mode of payments allow customers to freely choose whatever they want to order making the whole experience of shopping a lot more fun. I used to stress about having to meet up with sellers in Katipunan or Taft whenever I’d order Korean or Singaporean inspired clothes. Every time, I’d fail to show up because I’d forget about it. I’d get a text from the seller asking me where I am and I’d still be three hours away so I would back out last minute. Shopping should be anything but stressful so I’m glad that I can now buy anything I want and get it processed quicker than before.




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