Lazada Philippines Review: Payment- Payment options made easy

made easyIf you’re looking for flexible payment terms from discounts to modes, Lazada Philippines can help you handle your finances well. It has only been operating for less than a year and already it has made countless numbers of transactions and established itself as the Philippines’ online shopping mall like they claim to be. From 0% interest to installments, Lazada offers a variety of payment methods that’s sure to suit you. They provide options like Cash on Delivery, dragonpay and credit card payments that allow all kinds of customers to feel comfortable about making their purchases no matter how big the amount may be. It’s highly unlikely for a person to purchase something from a website that offers very few options in terms of payment. I personally don’t like meet ups because being put in a situation with a complete stranger becomes unsafe at some point. Growing up outside the city, I never grew fond of the idea of meeting up with someone. I don’t live near the usual landmarks they put as options so if ever I decide to commute all the way to the city, it would defeat the purpose of ordering online to make shopping a lot less hassle. Things now are different because people don’t necessarily opt to buy in malls anymore. Especially if they know websites that specifically hold the items of their choice. Why go out of your house to buy something you can order through your computer? That’s why I always prefer paying using my mom’s credit card or paying only upon receiving the item I ordered. Online shopping sites or e-commerce websites cater to a wider scope in terms of market so they’re forced to give better options in paying to accommodate all kinds of consumers residing all over the country. This fact has become my advantage because I can avail anything I want online regardless of my location. I remember having to go all the way to Megamall in ortigas just to check out F21 when in fact, F21 has a website that allows their customers to by online. The only downside to this is the fact that they sell their products in dollars. I don’t like to complicate my life when buying anything so conversion just never really became an option. Flexible payment methods make customers need not worry anymore about the stress of accomplishing payments. These kinds of mode of payments allow customers to freely choose whatever they want to order making the whole experience of shopping a lot more fun. I used to stress about having to meet up with sellers in Katipunan or Taft whenever I’d order Korean or Singaporean inspired clothes. Every time, I’d fail to show up because I’d forget about it. I’d get a text from the seller asking me where I am and I’d still be three hours away so I would back out last minute. Shopping should be anything but stressful so I’m glad that I can now buy anything I want and get it processed quicker than before.




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