Lazada Review: Online shopping Experience with absolute convenience

absolute experience

So what is Lazada Philippines really about? They are an aggressive online shopping mall in the Philippines that took over the local Internet marketing by storm. They launched early of March 2012. Lazada is actually a South East Asia venture that is also available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.  They are under Rocket Internet, one of the biggest E-commerce German based company owned by the Samwer Brothers.  Their vision is simple, make shopping as convenient as possible to people. A convenience where people don’t necessarily need to face the crowd or spend extra money on transportation when going to malls.

So what made Lazada confident in offering their online shopping experience the online local market? Everyone knows here in the Philippines that online transaction is not highly though of by locals since fraud and scams are really high in the country. This is one of the reason why E-commerce penetration for any online business to invest on our country. Lazada came in and did their homework. They actually formulated a payment method that not only will cater to non-credit cardholders but also eliminate the idea of Filipinos not trusting online when it comes to doing business such as purchasing via online transaction.

This is where “Cash on Delivery comes in, a payment method that gives customers a guarantee that their money won’t be put to waste. What “Cash on Delivery” does is that customers can buy items on the Lazada’s website and pay only after the item is delivered at their home. You pay as the item as they handover your order package. This is actually a payment method that fits perfectly on their free delivery service. It’s pretty much like buying on malls just happened that it’s the other way around it’s the item you want that actually comes to you.

Personally, I think Lazada changed how local online users have perceived online shopping. Now I see a lot of online shopping malls being launched since they started catering to the Filipino consumers online.  It’s actually a great thing the local business owners are starting to realize the potential of selling online and what impact it can bring on their business. What’s good about online is the costing for marketing is very low when compared to traditional or offline marketing. You can even market your business online for free just by using Facebook or posting online. But still, the beauty in online shopping and actually doing the transaction online is much faster and easier for users. Before Lazada came to the Philippines, local online users go to classified ads such as sulit and ayosdito to get leads and potential leads from a third party vendor. Final transactions are still being done offline. A lot were actually scammed in the past with this kind of buying/selling method. With Lazada, people can be assured that they are purchasing from an authorized reseller of various products and brands. They even guarantee 1 year warrantees just like what the mall stores offer to their customers.


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