How good and reliable Lazada Philippines services are- A Review

Good & Reliable

When a company is able to provide me with quality items and service, then surely, they’ll have me crawling in the palm of their hands. It’s not easy to get a market that has already established their respective favorite online shopping sites by now. It’s like coming up with your own sports brand and trying to take away the loyalists of Nike and Adidas and make them your solid market. It’s possible. But it’s not easy and it’s going to take a lot of money, effort and innovative ideas. Innovation is the ultimate factor that sets apart any company or brand from each other. Whether it be the design, the marketing strategy, service, or the item itself, coming up with something extremely different and out of the ordinary is the best bet to winning over possible clients or customers.


                Lazada Philippines is one of the websites that plays with the kind of services they can offer. It sells items that have already been sold in the market prior to their existence online. They are one of the channels that retailers and sellers can make use of to make faster and larger amounts of sales. They come up with several promos or discounts every month. They also have outstanding service offers like free delivery for purchases amounting to one thousand pesos and above, a 7-day return policy applicable to all customers as well as several modes of payments to choose from like Cash on Delivery, DragonPay or through MasterCard or Visa credit cards. Because of their countless great services available daily, they have managed to win over a number of loyalist and regular buyers. They once came up with a promo that entitles anyone who is registered or subscribed to their newsletter a chance to win 90% off items like iPads and digital cameras. Occasional visitors are also welcome to join but that’s if they’re lucky enough to spot the promos the day of their random site visit. I have always felt how reliable Lazada can get ever since I first purchased my son’s Marvel Spiderman action figure in their website. The first factor that made me consider buying from them is the fact that they have opened numerous sites in 5 continents and is internationally acclaimed. This goes to show how it has international standards. Second is that I have had great experiences buying from their sister company, Zalora Philippines. Third, they have an excellent selection of items so I’m not limited to buying something that may be defective and the chances of that are really thin. Also, if ever it has manufacturing problems or mishandling, I am given seven days to return the item and get a complete refund. Last but not the least, I can choose from different banks or credit cards to make use of in paying my orders. If ever I feel unsecure in giving out details that may be put to the wrong hands, I always have the option to pay only upon the arrival of my order through Cash on delivery.



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