Lazada Promos Review: basis for reliability

basis for reliability

I always make sure that the websites I buy from or at the least order from is trustworthy or can deliver at the end of the day. Either I’m really stupid or unlucky but for some reason there would be times I would order and my order wouldn’t push through. I would do meet ups and the person would never reply to me as if they have no intention of selling. So like why make a website in the first place????? It really bothers me when people don’t come through and just end up disappointing the customers. I really think it’s important to prioritize customer service because at the end of the day, it’s the company or brand’s job to provide its customers with an experience like no other to separate itself from its other competitors.

Lazada Philippines is always assuring its customers that they can provide them with utmost care and priority. The company comes ups with several promos at once that give customer assurance that they will get their money’s worth as well as the service that deserve. An example of this is its customer warranty that promises that all products are new and authentic. All items are given up to two (2) years manufacturer’s warranty. Normally, sites especially those ones owned by freelancers submit all responsibilities right after the exchange with the customer. They extinguish any connection after the payment making anything that happens after the exchange even if it’s the company’s fault the owner’s obligation. This is another way of ripping off people that not a lot of online users are aware of. Another is Lazada Promise. It’s a seal of promise from the site that the moment the item is submitted, it will be prioritized and the order will be directly passed to the warehouse for release. The company will provide the customer with a clock on the website that will help the customers to keep track of the progress of their orders. If ever the company fails to dispatch the item within 24 hours on weekdays or 48 hours on weekends upon order, customers are given a P500 voucher that they can use to purchase anything on the website. It’s important for promos like this to be asked about. The delivery of the voucher as well as the notification comes after the delivery of the order/s and not along with it. Another promo that customers will find handy is the return policy. This policy gives the customers reasonable amount of time to double check whether the items they ordered are in good conditions. In return, the refunds will be given in forms of vouchers which the customers can use to re-purchase the same order or get something different. However, certain conditions apply depending on the nature of the product. Items that are deemed effective has to be sent back to the warehouse in original packing with all of the accessories that came along with it. The conditions vary depending on which items are being returned. These are just some of the examples that you can use as basis to find out whether a company website can be deemed reliable or not.


Customers have an upper hand when ordering with Lazada

Online shopping has always been a trend that is accepted to the “Now” generation. We’re really living in the digital generation. Everything can be done online, almost everything. To our young generation, speed and technology is always a preferred option. If they can get it at faster phase, that’s what they will be doing. It’s only natural for them to actually apply this kind of digital lifestyle. To us who still managed to experience the digital age but where also born on timeline where digital was still on the verge of rising. Some of us already adapted to it, but still there are still some who didn’t.

Right now, online shopping in our country is nearing the E-commerce penetration of other online stores in other countries. Although, it started roughly just last year, their growth is quite immense. Website like LazadaPH had contributed to the rise of E-commerce. Prior to their launch, E-commerce is an online industry that is not sought after by local business that wants to tap the local online market. The online market that time wasn’t sufficient enough that the cost of putting up an online store will sound ridiculous. There are a lot of major points why online shopping is not thriving in our country. One of which is that people are afraid to trust online stores. This is due to the fact that our country has a high rate of online frauds. So paying an online store in advance is like a double edge sword. One you’re risking of exposing your credit card details to an online store and another is that you don’t know if you will actually receive the item on time or not at all. Another thing is that majority of our population are non-credit cardholders and or Paypal accounts users. Without these, payment gateways online, it will be highly impossible to deal with online stores since it’s the most common way of doing online transaction or online money transfer. This is where Lazada Philippines changed how online shopping is done in E-commerce. They introduced an alternative payment method that can actually solve most of the limitations and issues why an average online visitor won’t be able to avail their service. It’s what they called “Cash on Delivery”. This introductory payment method allows anyone who visits their website to choose any items from the wide selection. They can easily opt for the “Cash on Delivery” payment method and have it shipped at their preferred address without spending a single dime upfront. Lazada only requires their customers who selected “Cash on Delivery” payment option to pay them as they hand over the ordered package. Hence, there’s no commitment with Lazada. So if the item doesn’t arrive, you won’t be hassled about follow-ups and etc. since you already paid Lazada while Lazada hasn’t delivered their end. It’s actually the opposite with Lazada, since it is them who has more to loose assuming the order or delivery don’t push through. What Lazada focused on is to shield their customers from bad deals and assure their customers that they have all the upper hand.


Hyped about Lazada Philippines- A Review


I like all-around websites especially if the service is good. I have a hard time going back to stores that give me a hard time the first time I visit. Lazada Philippines is one of the websites I have bought from that regardless of being owned by a foreign company actually understands what Filipinos and expect from online shopping websites. I guess it’s primarily because they have had a lot of experience with regards to adjusting to the culture of the country having published in other countries as well like Singapore and Malaysia. One of the things I primarily look at when checking a site for the first time is content. It’s basically why you’re online shopping in the first place. If the items they sell fit what I’m looking for or at least make me interested, I take my time to explore my options before moving on to another site. I don’t like missing out on good deals because the really great ones are usually it was hidden. Checking out Lazada Philippines was no stretch at all. Everything that was featured on the homepage were somehow my taste if not was too cheap to pass out. It was really easy to get around the site because they had a search bar that not a lot of sites have.

Majority of the sites I regularly visit are usually just categorized and from there, you have to click page per page to find what you’re looking for. The whole process can be very time-consuming which I think defeats the purpose of online shopping. For one thing, people who shop online are those who do not have the time to spare going to an actual mall. If I had a lot of time to choose from one page or rack to another, then I would have probably gone elsewhere to see the items for myself. I like the feature of the search bar because it makes it a lot easier to search for the specific items I have in mind. If you visit the site, you’ll realize just how hard it would be because of the amount of items they have for sale. They have categories for everything which makes me wonder how they manage to keep up with all the items being sold all at once. They sell baby toys to beauty products and techy gadgets.

The variety is so wide that I didn’t really expect to see the book I wanted by ___________ entitled ________ to be available at their site. It’s pretty impressive how I was able to claim a discount just because it was a Monday and I owned a MasterCard credit card. Actually, the card was my mom’s but online shops aren’t strict when it comes to that. Websites that send off the vibe they have a lot to offer should really become a lot more hyped up than those typical old school shopping sites we got so used to like the like pages on Facebook. The best part about it is that it follows a certain international standard having created so many websites worldwide already. Believe in the hype.

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A payment method you can trust from Lazada


Safety first! Some people embody this life saying a little too much but then again, it’s better to be paranoid than sorry at the end. If you’re hesitant about transacting business deals over the internet because you’re scared your personal information will leak and cause future complications, then you will probably see how fit you are for Lazada Philippines’ 7-eleven payment method. I used to wonder why people would second guess themselves when giving out information as basic as a complete name. Then I realized that those with no sufficient experience still have a hard time trusting technology as technical and totally advance as the World Wide Web.

If you have your eye on something you like from the wide selection available at Lazada, but can’t seem to get around to buying because of fear of mishandled personal information, you probably want a payment method that includes a well-known mediating party. In this particular situation, Lazada has 7-eleven. They have partnered with selected 7-eleven branches where buyers can directly pay their dues. The process is pretty basic because the delivering company partners LBC and 2GO will have no personal access on your actual location. If you pay through 7-eleven, your order will be shipped to the branch where you paid. You will be the one to pick up whatever goodies you ordered directly from 7-eleven. No stranger has to walk through your door anymore to hand over something you’re not certain of what is inside.

Upon check out, you will be asked to choose 7-eleven as your preferred mode of payment. You will then be sent an email where you will be asked to confirm your order. After which, you will be provided with your personal reference number. You can either print it out along with the rest of the email or just write it down. You will be required to submit the reference number to the cashier and later on hand over your payment. Don’t forget to ask for the receipt to ensure your proof of payment if ever certain problems arise after. You will be then contacted after by a representative informing you of the arrival of your order at the specific 7-eleven branch you paid from. Because you chose this method, you have to personally pick up your order.

This is one of the safest ways of accomplishing payments from online shopping I have encountered next to cash on delivery. The edge of paying through a 7-eleven convenient store is the safety of the whole process being in a secluded and well secured area. If you are not comfortable with random strangers knocking on your door and you would prefer involving a third party to secure you’re of your safety, the 7-eleven payment option is definitely the perfect match for you. As long as you are comfortable with having to leave your house to accomplish and receive your payments and orders respectively then you will have no problems entrusting this special payment option.

Never do something you are not comfortable with especially if it involves your peace of mind.

Birthday surprise made possible by Lazada’s quick delivery- A Review

bday surprise

I do most of my online shopping through LazadaPH  simply because they do not make me wait longer for my purchases to be delivered. Their shipping is absolutely free of charge; they have the quickest delivery turn around time frames out there. Which is like in the neighborhood of two to five business days for online shoppers located inside Metro Manila and 5- 10 business days for those who are located outside like in the provinces? Shipping time frames is very important for me when I shop online. I am very particular about that because I hate the feeling of worrying about the possibility of my order not being delivered or worst getting lost in the mail.  Because who wants to wait for an item forever. I recall one time when I purchased a Gen 1 Sony Smart Watch with black Velcro straps. I considered the purchase a little bit of a risky thing to do since it was intended as a birthday present for my wife and in cases like that, you don’t want to spoil the surprise just because the item was not delivered on time. I have been planning to surprise my wife with the Sony Smart watch for her birthday because she loves keeping things organized and that is what the Sony Smart watch does best. It allows you to interface with your phone without actually touching it. Put it this way, the Smart watch is like a communication medium for you and your mobile phone or smart phone. You can check incoming calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. Amazing isn’t it? And you might wonder what makes functionality possible, it is not so rocket science really, what makes that feat possible is the good old Bluetooth technology.

When I was looking at it online, I was actually having qualms about purchasing it because I am leery that it might not get in just in time for my wife’s birthday. I want to receive it ahead of time so I could still come up with a very creative way to surprise her like putting it under her pillow or strapping the watch on while she’s sleeping on the eve of her birthday that sort of shenanigan. I did proceed with the order anyway because of the abundance of positive reviews and feedbacks about Lazada’s fast in the business delivery time frames. So I went on and placed the order and paid for it through Dragon Pay. I had the item delivered to my office address because I don’t to risk the possibility of the package being seen by my wife when it is not the day of her birthday yet. If that happens, the surprise that I was planning is going to be totally ruined. I ordered the item one week ahead of her birthday and the item came in to my office doorstep three days after just like what I have read through the comments and feedbacks from a variety of blogs and review sites online as well as actual verbal comments from my co-workers, relatives and buddies. I successfully pulled off the birthday surprise and my wife loves me more than ever. Thanks to Lazada’s utmost commitment in delivering their items on time. You guys deserve a pat on the back!




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LazadaPH Review: Emergence of Online Shopping

Online shopping is becoming more in demand everyday. Before, it was an afterthought in our country. Probably it is because of our high rate in online fraud and scam. The next closest to doing business online is visiting top online classified ads like Sulit. But then again, those types of websites are not necessarily a medium where you’ll do the actual transaction, virtually. Online Internet users go to their website to meet people that maybe selling an item that they are looking for. Most of them second hand sellers and buyers. But at the end of the day, online transaction is done offline.


Today, we have websites that are actually offering items on their website as direct sellers. Basically, online customers are directly dealing with the website and not a third part vendor who post a product on their website. Websites like Lazada Philippines where one of the first who emerged on this kind of market or industry.  Back in the days, E-commerce Industry penetration was really low. A lot of local online users in our country don’t trust online business at all. To them, it is just another scheme of fraud or scam.


This is where website like Lazada Philippines actually thrived. Mainly the reason for their successful penetration in our country is one because of their various payment method options and another is the promos and discounts they run on their website. Lazada is typically an online shopping mall. What you can buy from a traditional offline mall is typically the same with what you will be getting from online shopping mall.  But with online shopping mall, the added value is that you can avail promos and discounts. Also, there is less hassle with traffic and travel expense which makes cost saving with online much proficient.


I myself have bought an item already from Lazada Philippines. What I like from the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall is that they offer free delivery availability and “Cash on Delivery” payment method. For me, combine those two options, it makes a very powerful combination that can entice anyone who goes online for shopping regardless if they happen to be a credit card holder or not. With Cash on Delivery, a genius payment method that Lazada introduced in our country, in my own opinion, changed how internet shopping is perceived in our country and that its growth was influenced by Lazada Philippines. What “Cash on Delivery does is it offers any online customers to buy from their website of any items they want and have them delivered at their very homes and have them pay as their order package is handed over to them. For any online customer who is hesitant to trust any website with their money but still want to avail items being sold on a website. If the website offers “Cash on Delivery”, then that is the best payment method option for them. But doing so, they won’t risk their money to be ripped off online but get to keep it until the item they ordered is handed over to them.




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