LazadaPH Review: Emergence of Online Shopping

Online shopping is becoming more in demand everyday. Before, it was an afterthought in our country. Probably it is because of our high rate in online fraud and scam. The next closest to doing business online is visiting top online classified ads like Sulit. But then again, those types of websites are not necessarily a medium where you’ll do the actual transaction, virtually. Online Internet users go to their website to meet people that maybe selling an item that they are looking for. Most of them second hand sellers and buyers. But at the end of the day, online transaction is done offline.


Today, we have websites that are actually offering items on their website as direct sellers. Basically, online customers are directly dealing with the website and not a third part vendor who post a product on their website. Websites like Lazada Philippines where one of the first who emerged on this kind of market or industry.  Back in the days, E-commerce Industry penetration was really low. A lot of local online users in our country don’t trust online business at all. To them, it is just another scheme of fraud or scam.


This is where website like Lazada Philippines actually thrived. Mainly the reason for their successful penetration in our country is one because of their various payment method options and another is the promos and discounts they run on their website. Lazada is typically an online shopping mall. What you can buy from a traditional offline mall is typically the same with what you will be getting from online shopping mall.  But with online shopping mall, the added value is that you can avail promos and discounts. Also, there is less hassle with traffic and travel expense which makes cost saving with online much proficient.


I myself have bought an item already from Lazada Philippines. What I like from the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall is that they offer free delivery availability and “Cash on Delivery” payment method. For me, combine those two options, it makes a very powerful combination that can entice anyone who goes online for shopping regardless if they happen to be a credit card holder or not. With Cash on Delivery, a genius payment method that Lazada introduced in our country, in my own opinion, changed how internet shopping is perceived in our country and that its growth was influenced by Lazada Philippines. What “Cash on Delivery does is it offers any online customers to buy from their website of any items they want and have them delivered at their very homes and have them pay as their order package is handed over to them. For any online customer who is hesitant to trust any website with their money but still want to avail items being sold on a website. If the website offers “Cash on Delivery”, then that is the best payment method option for them. But doing so, they won’t risk their money to be ripped off online but get to keep it until the item they ordered is handed over to them.




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