Birthday surprise made possible by Lazada’s quick delivery- A Review

bday surprise

I do most of my online shopping through LazadaPH  simply because they do not make me wait longer for my purchases to be delivered. Their shipping is absolutely free of charge; they have the quickest delivery turn around time frames out there. Which is like in the neighborhood of two to five business days for online shoppers located inside Metro Manila and 5- 10 business days for those who are located outside like in the provinces? Shipping time frames is very important for me when I shop online. I am very particular about that because I hate the feeling of worrying about the possibility of my order not being delivered or worst getting lost in the mail.  Because who wants to wait for an item forever. I recall one time when I purchased a Gen 1 Sony Smart Watch with black Velcro straps. I considered the purchase a little bit of a risky thing to do since it was intended as a birthday present for my wife and in cases like that, you don’t want to spoil the surprise just because the item was not delivered on time. I have been planning to surprise my wife with the Sony Smart watch for her birthday because she loves keeping things organized and that is what the Sony Smart watch does best. It allows you to interface with your phone without actually touching it. Put it this way, the Smart watch is like a communication medium for you and your mobile phone or smart phone. You can check incoming calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. Amazing isn’t it? And you might wonder what makes functionality possible, it is not so rocket science really, what makes that feat possible is the good old Bluetooth technology.

When I was looking at it online, I was actually having qualms about purchasing it because I am leery that it might not get in just in time for my wife’s birthday. I want to receive it ahead of time so I could still come up with a very creative way to surprise her like putting it under her pillow or strapping the watch on while she’s sleeping on the eve of her birthday that sort of shenanigan. I did proceed with the order anyway because of the abundance of positive reviews and feedbacks about Lazada’s fast in the business delivery time frames. So I went on and placed the order and paid for it through Dragon Pay. I had the item delivered to my office address because I don’t to risk the possibility of the package being seen by my wife when it is not the day of her birthday yet. If that happens, the surprise that I was planning is going to be totally ruined. I ordered the item one week ahead of her birthday and the item came in to my office doorstep three days after just like what I have read through the comments and feedbacks from a variety of blogs and review sites online as well as actual verbal comments from my co-workers, relatives and buddies. I successfully pulled off the birthday surprise and my wife loves me more than ever. Thanks to Lazada’s utmost commitment in delivering their items on time. You guys deserve a pat on the back!




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