A payment method you can trust from Lazada


Safety first! Some people embody this life saying a little too much but then again, it’s better to be paranoid than sorry at the end. If you’re hesitant about transacting business deals over the internet because you’re scared your personal information will leak and cause future complications, then you will probably see how fit you are for Lazada Philippines’ 7-eleven payment method. I used to wonder why people would second guess themselves when giving out information as basic as a complete name. Then I realized that those with no sufficient experience still have a hard time trusting technology as technical and totally advance as the World Wide Web.

If you have your eye on something you like from the wide selection available at Lazada, but can’t seem to get around to buying because of fear of mishandled personal information, you probably want a payment method that includes a well-known mediating party. In this particular situation, Lazada has 7-eleven. They have partnered with selected 7-eleven branches where buyers can directly pay their dues. The process is pretty basic because the delivering company partners LBC and 2GO will have no personal access on your actual location. If you pay through 7-eleven, your order will be shipped to the branch where you paid. You will be the one to pick up whatever goodies you ordered directly from 7-eleven. No stranger has to walk through your door anymore to hand over something you’re not certain of what is inside.

Upon check out, you will be asked to choose 7-eleven as your preferred mode of payment. You will then be sent an email where you will be asked to confirm your order. After which, you will be provided with your personal reference number. You can either print it out along with the rest of the email or just write it down. You will be required to submit the reference number to the cashier and later on hand over your payment. Don’t forget to ask for the receipt to ensure your proof of payment if ever certain problems arise after. You will be then contacted after by a representative informing you of the arrival of your order at the specific 7-eleven branch you paid from. Because you chose this method, you have to personally pick up your order.

This is one of the safest ways of accomplishing payments from online shopping I have encountered next to cash on delivery. The edge of paying through a 7-eleven convenient store is the safety of the whole process being in a secluded and well secured area. If you are not comfortable with random strangers knocking on your door and you would prefer involving a third party to secure you’re of your safety, the 7-eleven payment option is definitely the perfect match for you. As long as you are comfortable with having to leave your house to accomplish and receive your payments and orders respectively then you will have no problems entrusting this special payment option.

Never do something you are not comfortable with especially if it involves your peace of mind.


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