Hyped about Lazada Philippines- A Review


I like all-around websites especially if the service is good. I have a hard time going back to stores that give me a hard time the first time I visit. Lazada Philippines is one of the websites I have bought from that regardless of being owned by a foreign company actually understands what Filipinos and expect from online shopping websites. I guess it’s primarily because they have had a lot of experience with regards to adjusting to the culture of the country having published in other countries as well like Singapore and Malaysia. One of the things I primarily look at when checking a site for the first time is content. It’s basically why you’re online shopping in the first place. If the items they sell fit what I’m looking for or at least make me interested, I take my time to explore my options before moving on to another site. I don’t like missing out on good deals because the really great ones are usually it was hidden. Checking out Lazada Philippines was no stretch at all. Everything that was featured on the homepage were somehow my taste if not was too cheap to pass out. It was really easy to get around the site because they had a search bar that not a lot of sites have.

Majority of the sites I regularly visit are usually just categorized and from there, you have to click page per page to find what you’re looking for. The whole process can be very time-consuming which I think defeats the purpose of online shopping. For one thing, people who shop online are those who do not have the time to spare going to an actual mall. If I had a lot of time to choose from one page or rack to another, then I would have probably gone elsewhere to see the items for myself. I like the feature of the search bar because it makes it a lot easier to search for the specific items I have in mind. If you visit the site, you’ll realize just how hard it would be because of the amount of items they have for sale. They have categories for everything which makes me wonder how they manage to keep up with all the items being sold all at once. They sell baby toys to beauty products and techy gadgets.

The variety is so wide that I didn’t really expect to see the book I wanted by ___________ entitled ________ to be available at their site. It’s pretty impressive how I was able to claim a discount just because it was a Monday and I owned a MasterCard credit card. Actually, the card was my mom’s but online shops aren’t strict when it comes to that. Websites that send off the vibe they have a lot to offer should really become a lot more hyped up than those typical old school shopping sites we got so used to like the like pages on Facebook. The best part about it is that it follows a certain international standard having created so many websites worldwide already. Believe in the hype.

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