Customers have an upper hand when ordering with Lazada

Online shopping has always been a trend that is accepted to the “Now” generation. We’re really living in the digital generation. Everything can be done online, almost everything. To our young generation, speed and technology is always a preferred option. If they can get it at faster phase, that’s what they will be doing. It’s only natural for them to actually apply this kind of digital lifestyle. To us who still managed to experience the digital age but where also born on timeline where digital was still on the verge of rising. Some of us already adapted to it, but still there are still some who didn’t.

Right now, online shopping in our country is nearing the E-commerce penetration of other online stores in other countries. Although, it started roughly just last year, their growth is quite immense. Website like LazadaPH had contributed to the rise of E-commerce. Prior to their launch, E-commerce is an online industry that is not sought after by local business that wants to tap the local online market. The online market that time wasn’t sufficient enough that the cost of putting up an online store will sound ridiculous. There are a lot of major points why online shopping is not thriving in our country. One of which is that people are afraid to trust online stores. This is due to the fact that our country has a high rate of online frauds. So paying an online store in advance is like a double edge sword. One you’re risking of exposing your credit card details to an online store and another is that you don’t know if you will actually receive the item on time or not at all. Another thing is that majority of our population are non-credit cardholders and or Paypal accounts users. Without these, payment gateways online, it will be highly impossible to deal with online stores since it’s the most common way of doing online transaction or online money transfer. This is where Lazada Philippines changed how online shopping is done in E-commerce. They introduced an alternative payment method that can actually solve most of the limitations and issues why an average online visitor won’t be able to avail their service. It’s what they called “Cash on Delivery”. This introductory payment method allows anyone who visits their website to choose any items from the wide selection. They can easily opt for the “Cash on Delivery” payment method and have it shipped at their preferred address without spending a single dime upfront. Lazada only requires their customers who selected “Cash on Delivery” payment option to pay them as they hand over the ordered package. Hence, there’s no commitment with Lazada. So if the item doesn’t arrive, you won’t be hassled about follow-ups and etc. since you already paid Lazada while Lazada hasn’t delivered their end. It’s actually the opposite with Lazada, since it is them who has more to loose assuming the order or delivery don’t push through. What Lazada focused on is to shield their customers from bad deals and assure their customers that they have all the upper hand.



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