Lazada Promos Review: basis for reliability

basis for reliability

I always make sure that the websites I buy from or at the least order from is trustworthy or can deliver at the end of the day. Either I’m really stupid or unlucky but for some reason there would be times I would order and my order wouldn’t push through. I would do meet ups and the person would never reply to me as if they have no intention of selling. So like why make a website in the first place????? It really bothers me when people don’t come through and just end up disappointing the customers. I really think it’s important to prioritize customer service because at the end of the day, it’s the company or brand’s job to provide its customers with an experience like no other to separate itself from its other competitors.

Lazada Philippines is always assuring its customers that they can provide them with utmost care and priority. The company comes ups with several promos at once that give customer assurance that they will get their money’s worth as well as the service that deserve. An example of this is its customer warranty that promises that all products are new and authentic. All items are given up to two (2) years manufacturer’s warranty. Normally, sites especially those ones owned by freelancers submit all responsibilities right after the exchange with the customer. They extinguish any connection after the payment making anything that happens after the exchange even if it’s the company’s fault the owner’s obligation. This is another way of ripping off people that not a lot of online users are aware of. Another is Lazada Promise. It’s a seal of promise from the site that the moment the item is submitted, it will be prioritized and the order will be directly passed to the warehouse for release. The company will provide the customer with a clock on the website that will help the customers to keep track of the progress of their orders. If ever the company fails to dispatch the item within 24 hours on weekdays or 48 hours on weekends upon order, customers are given a P500 voucher that they can use to purchase anything on the website. It’s important for promos like this to be asked about. The delivery of the voucher as well as the notification comes after the delivery of the order/s and not along with it. Another promo that customers will find handy is the return policy. This policy gives the customers reasonable amount of time to double check whether the items they ordered are in good conditions. In return, the refunds will be given in forms of vouchers which the customers can use to re-purchase the same order or get something different. However, certain conditions apply depending on the nature of the product. Items that are deemed effective has to be sent back to the warehouse in original packing with all of the accessories that came along with it. The conditions vary depending on which items are being returned. These are just some of the examples that you can use as basis to find out whether a company website can be deemed reliable or not.


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