Lazada’s relevance to workaholics- A Review


You know you’re a pro when it comes to everything online when you go the distance of buying online or making any kind of transactions using the internet. People who are just trying out any type of activity online are rarely daredevils who would try to consider buying online off the bat. But this doesn’t mean a website doesn’t have the capacity to sway online users into thinking it is safe. E-commerce is a powerful but slightly confusing tool if you don’t know how to work around the kinks. Because let’s face it, nothing up to now has been created to perfection. Even the iPhone 5 gets criticized and that’s already the latest product of world-renowned company, Apple. Online shopping is not just a form of leisure anymore. It’s seen as a necessity especially by those who don’t have the free time on their hands to go around the city buying or shopping whatever floats their boat. Workaholics revolve their life around their responsibilities that sometimes even breathing isn’t an option anymore.

Online shopping becomes their best option for a small time getaway to paradise next to the latest Apple or Android game. Lazada Philippines is a good example of an online shopping site that has created a foundation of regular customers loyal to not just their products in general but their promos and sales as well. It’s an online shopping website that thrives to become the first choice of shopping addicts. Because online shopping has gone viral, more people are hooked now compared to the past few years. Since more online users rely on online shopping, companies take this as an opening or a chance to extend their arms to an even wider audience. Lazada Philippines is a great marketing channel for these aspiring brands because the website isn’t stricken by just one brand. Different brands even of the same nature of product can be accommodated by the site. It sells several brands of mobile phones, furniture, appliances etc.

They incorporate a variety of brands all at once that makes them an even better option for shopping. Yes, Google is very handy but having to jump from one website to another can get tiring. I personally hate seeing my tabs crowded. Lazada is just one stop to acquiring all if not the majority of what you need. If you’re feeling rich and generous to yourself and you want to buy a phone and a book at the same time, normally you would have to go through different sites and order separately. This will require more effort on your part not to mention research if you’re the type who likes making a background check to ensure the reliability of your purchase. With an online shopping mall, you can just sit back and click on the items you like all at once without having to worry about other tab popping out. It’s a lot simpler compared to having to manage so many sites. Why go through all that trouble when you can accomplish what you want all from a single shopping website?



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Lazada Review: Ecommerce, now rising in the Philippines!

now rising

Ecommerce has always been a good alternative for businesses to extend their service and or offered products that they only offer offline from the beginning. What it gets extra out of this is that through Ecommerce (with the help of Internet support as bridge of customers to sellers) is that it extends it reach and expands its audience significantly at a lower cost. It usually cost a lot for a company to go with traditional marketing, which is via TVC, Newspaper, Billboards, Radio, etc. On the other hand, online marketing can be done as at lower cost up to for free. Although, for free online marketing, it may take a while for it to take effect, with paid online marketing which it conventionally pay per click which allows an advertiser to pay online as their ads are clicked. Speaking of Ecommerce, it is actually an online industry that is starting to grow here in the Philippines. The growth from last year is huge that you compare the growth from the last year alone to its previous years it actually surpass them all.


Basically, Ecommerce in the country a couple of years ago were actually flat or not progressing at all. One website that is actually is making mark in our local Ecommerce industry is Lazada Philippines. As far as I remember, when they were just starting, only a few online stores where available in the country, a few months later, online shopping mall competitors were showing up from nowhere. This is actually good for the industry as it helps our economy as well. What I strongly feel that contributed to Lazada’s success is their payment method. They actually offer a lot; well most of them are the conventional payment methods such as thru credit card or Paypal account. But a particular payment method actually made the difference in tapping the current Internet market and also the untapped market of online, which is the majority of the population in the country.  Lazada, the “Philippines Online Shopping Mall” introduced an alternative payment method that actually changed the Ecommerce landscape in the country. It’s their “Cash on Delivery” payment method that allowed them to grow in the Ecommerce market. What it does is it allows their customers to pay only after their orders are delivered at their very homes and actually handed over to them. Best of all, their customer can pay cash. All they need to do is select any items they want from the website and provide the shipment recipient and address to Lazada. No upfront payment needed if they select “Cash on Delivery” as their mode of payment method. This helps online customers to not worry about getting scammed since they can hold on to their money up until their orders are delivered to them. Another thing is that non-credit card holders or non-Paypal account owners will still get to enjoy the online shopping experienced they haven’t tried yet thru Lazada Philippines.



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Lazada Philippines opens up more employment opportunities- A Review

opens up

Unemployment rates are getting worse by the minute. Every time a batch graduates, the number of Filipinos in between jobs increase with no assurance whatsoever that they will be able to find jobs for themselves in time for the next batch of graduates. How can this problem be fixed? More work opportunities. But it’s definitely a lot easier said than done. How can more employment seats open up if no new businesses especially huge ones are created? By far the smartest way I see is possible to abolish this problem is to embrace the birth and popularity of online shopping. Since it’s so popular these days, it’s the best concrete example of how Filipinos can house more employment. Just ask Lazada Philippines with employees over 15,000 people working for their respective businesses distributed in 40 different countries. A lot more people can be tapped through online selling requiring the number of people who will handle such progress even larger in number. Although Lazada Philippines is owned by a German company called Rocket Internet, majority of its employees are citizens and residents of the Philippines. This automatically helps in decreasing the unemployment of the country. If a foreign company can help our country so can we. At least that’s how Filipinos are supposed to look at it. Instead of seeing it in a bad light, view it as an advantage because this means more job positions will become available not to mention in demand. It is an evident fact that technology has taken over our generation. Some people know better than to criticize it by learning about it instead and using it as an edge from others. Information technology and system students are dominating all other aspects of professions because of the unending increase of internet related jobs popping out.

Since the World Wide Web is extremely deep in depth and can accommodate a limitless number of business transactions, companies can just keep creating companies focused on working online and not feel threatened because they can no longer maintain their spot in their respective industries. There are a lot opportunities available online because as cliché as it may sound, the possibilities are endless. Lazada Philippines has definitely helped in boosting the economy’s status creating not just profit but employment as well. It has given online shopping a whole new image. Filipinos have a better perspective of just how effective online shopping can be when used or done properly. If before Filipinos were scared of the idea of ordering from online stores, now more people prefer this over other forms of shopping. It’s seen as not just a luxury but a necessity by some. Some people aren’t very good at going around the mall to look for stuff they like. Sometimes they tend to give up because of their lack of patience. Not everyone’s patient enough to go in and out of every store. With online shopping, customers have the option to narrow down their searches to the specifics. It eats less time and saves more energy. How often can you say that about shopping in malls?



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cash or credit

How do you usually pay for your purchases? Do you prefer cash over credit or the other way around? No matter which preference you want or need, it’s always better if you have the option to choose. It’s more than just convenience. It’s practicality. Let’s be real when I say it’s a lot harder to earn now compared to before. Items are a lot more expensive while salaries aren’t getting any better in value. So we never really know when we will have the option to buy what we like at any given time. The methods of payment a store offers allow us to weigh our options. Because let’s face it, we all have different ways of managing our income or in some cases, allowances. Whether you are buying something from the internet or just visiting your favorite outlet, it makes you feel a lot more comfortable knowing that you have options and you are not limited to just sticking to one way of paying. There’s nothing I hate more than being forced to pay one way when the other method suits my situation better. I have no better option. It usually always depends on what date it is. If it’s the middle and end of the month, it’s cash all the way. But anything other than that, credit saves my butt.

Since online selling and shopping are all the rage these days, I’ll try to give you an overview on just how easier it is when you how easier shopping becomes with stores that offer either cash or credit payments. LazadaPH is an online shopping mall which gives us the idea of just how many items they sell. Because they have a variety of choices to choose from, the coverage of the online market becomes a lot bigger hence more considerations to please a population of potential customers. They currently have two payment ways customers can choose from. They have cash on delivery which is advisable to those who don’t like charging on either savings or credit accounts. The customer pays upon the delivery of his or her order in cash. The second option is paying via credit card. Lazada Philippines only accepts VISA or MasterCard credit cards but it’s not always the case. For first time online buyers, it’s important to read ahead information about the site as vital as which banks or credit cards are acceptable for paying. If you’re shopping for the first time at the awkward time of the month and you’re still unsure about how and when you will get your budget for leisurely shopping, you would want your choices open so you don’t have to worry yourself about whether or not it’s smart to check the latest good buys online. If you find out Lazada’s holding its monthly absurd high discount sale and you’re the type of person who never knows when you have money because maybe you’re a freelance writer or something, you won’t have to hesitate to check out online shops because you know for a fact you can purchase something regardless of having money on hand or not. That’s the beauty of being able to choose from two major payment options.


How Lazada bagged my order- A Review


Are you always worried about being outsmarted by online sites if ever you trust them too much? Is that why you have never in your life tried buying online despite wanting to? Well, I know the feeling and I’m pretty sure I know where you’re coming from. I only got around facing my fears a few weeks ago so I thought of giving you a few tips you might want to take into consideration next time you’re in dire need of buying something online. I really had no intention of buying at first but the Samsung phone I badly wanted was on sale in Lazada Philippines. I was just going through a bunch of sites when I found it. I was frustrated with myself because I was too stubborn or too play safe to risk buying a single piece of item I saw earlier that day.

I looked into Lazada’s terms and these were the couple of things that made me decide that I was finally okay with buying from an online store. First of all, they have a COD, shortcut for Cash on delivery, which is a payment method where the customer will only be asked to pay after the delivery of the package has taken place. It means I only have to pay when the delivery man gets to the house and hands over my order. That was a good sign for me because that meant not having to let go of a large amount of money prior to the package getting to me. One of my biggest issues before was I wasn’t positive if the package would really get to me. Second was its company background. It’s owned by an online venture builder called Rocket Internet who also owns Zalora Philippines and Office Pro, two online shops as well. Third was that each items come with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty giving me a peace of mind if ever certain situations involving product damages or defects arise in the future. Fourth was its return policy that lasts up to 7 days. Customers can return items that don’t work according to what’s stated on its manual.

They can also return those products that are damaged prior to delivery and has features different from what’s specified on the site. Customers are even allowed to give back the items simply because they realize within 7 days they didn’t like their purchase. Obviously the interests of the customers come first. I thought it was too good to be true but it wasn’t. Just like other companies, it has requirements and conditions that the customers have to comply with in order to deem the item being returned acceptable. I can’t recall exactly the other factors that helped me decide in the end to buy online. I was just happy my basic concerns were covered by Lazada’s services from the safety of my payment to the item itself being bought. The four things I mentioned were enough for me to realize that I could still keep my safety a priority without having to sacrifice not buying online just because it seems daunting at the beginning.