How Lazada bagged my order- A Review


Are you always worried about being outsmarted by online sites if ever you trust them too much? Is that why you have never in your life tried buying online despite wanting to? Well, I know the feeling and I’m pretty sure I know where you’re coming from. I only got around facing my fears a few weeks ago so I thought of giving you a few tips you might want to take into consideration next time you’re in dire need of buying something online. I really had no intention of buying at first but the Samsung phone I badly wanted was on sale in Lazada Philippines. I was just going through a bunch of sites when I found it. I was frustrated with myself because I was too stubborn or too play safe to risk buying a single piece of item I saw earlier that day.

I looked into Lazada’s terms and these were the couple of things that made me decide that I was finally okay with buying from an online store. First of all, they have a COD, shortcut for Cash on delivery, which is a payment method where the customer will only be asked to pay after the delivery of the package has taken place. It means I only have to pay when the delivery man gets to the house and hands over my order. That was a good sign for me because that meant not having to let go of a large amount of money prior to the package getting to me. One of my biggest issues before was I wasn’t positive if the package would really get to me. Second was its company background. It’s owned by an online venture builder called Rocket Internet who also owns Zalora Philippines and Office Pro, two online shops as well. Third was that each items come with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty giving me a peace of mind if ever certain situations involving product damages or defects arise in the future. Fourth was its return policy that lasts up to 7 days. Customers can return items that don’t work according to what’s stated on its manual.

They can also return those products that are damaged prior to delivery and has features different from what’s specified on the site. Customers are even allowed to give back the items simply because they realize within 7 days they didn’t like their purchase. Obviously the interests of the customers come first. I thought it was too good to be true but it wasn’t. Just like other companies, it has requirements and conditions that the customers have to comply with in order to deem the item being returned acceptable. I can’t recall exactly the other factors that helped me decide in the end to buy online. I was just happy my basic concerns were covered by Lazada’s services from the safety of my payment to the item itself being bought. The four things I mentioned were enough for me to realize that I could still keep my safety a priority without having to sacrifice not buying online just because it seems daunting at the beginning.


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