cash or credit

How do you usually pay for your purchases? Do you prefer cash over credit or the other way around? No matter which preference you want or need, it’s always better if you have the option to choose. It’s more than just convenience. It’s practicality. Let’s be real when I say it’s a lot harder to earn now compared to before. Items are a lot more expensive while salaries aren’t getting any better in value. So we never really know when we will have the option to buy what we like at any given time. The methods of payment a store offers allow us to weigh our options. Because let’s face it, we all have different ways of managing our income or in some cases, allowances. Whether you are buying something from the internet or just visiting your favorite outlet, it makes you feel a lot more comfortable knowing that you have options and you are not limited to just sticking to one way of paying. There’s nothing I hate more than being forced to pay one way when the other method suits my situation better. I have no better option. It usually always depends on what date it is. If it’s the middle and end of the month, it’s cash all the way. But anything other than that, credit saves my butt.

Since online selling and shopping are all the rage these days, I’ll try to give you an overview on just how easier it is when you how easier shopping becomes with stores that offer either cash or credit payments. LazadaPH is an online shopping mall which gives us the idea of just how many items they sell. Because they have a variety of choices to choose from, the coverage of the online market becomes a lot bigger hence more considerations to please a population of potential customers. They currently have two payment ways customers can choose from. They have cash on delivery which is advisable to those who don’t like charging on either savings or credit accounts. The customer pays upon the delivery of his or her order in cash. The second option is paying via credit card. Lazada Philippines only accepts VISA or MasterCard credit cards but it’s not always the case. For first time online buyers, it’s important to read ahead information about the site as vital as which banks or credit cards are acceptable for paying. If you’re shopping for the first time at the awkward time of the month and you’re still unsure about how and when you will get your budget for leisurely shopping, you would want your choices open so you don’t have to worry yourself about whether or not it’s smart to check the latest good buys online. If you find out Lazada’s holding its monthly absurd high discount sale and you’re the type of person who never knows when you have money because maybe you’re a freelance writer or something, you won’t have to hesitate to check out online shops because you know for a fact you can purchase something regardless of having money on hand or not. That’s the beauty of being able to choose from two major payment options.



One comment on “LAZADA PHILIPPINES: Cash or credit?

  1. LoseTheGuilt says:

    Cash is always better. At least you don’t have to worry about paying for your purchase every end of the month. You can immediately fully enjoy whatever it is you bought.

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