Lazada Review: Ecommerce, now rising in the Philippines!

now rising

Ecommerce has always been a good alternative for businesses to extend their service and or offered products that they only offer offline from the beginning. What it gets extra out of this is that through Ecommerce (with the help of Internet support as bridge of customers to sellers) is that it extends it reach and expands its audience significantly at a lower cost. It usually cost a lot for a company to go with traditional marketing, which is via TVC, Newspaper, Billboards, Radio, etc. On the other hand, online marketing can be done as at lower cost up to for free. Although, for free online marketing, it may take a while for it to take effect, with paid online marketing which it conventionally pay per click which allows an advertiser to pay online as their ads are clicked. Speaking of Ecommerce, it is actually an online industry that is starting to grow here in the Philippines. The growth from last year is huge that you compare the growth from the last year alone to its previous years it actually surpass them all.


Basically, Ecommerce in the country a couple of years ago were actually flat or not progressing at all. One website that is actually is making mark in our local Ecommerce industry is Lazada Philippines. As far as I remember, when they were just starting, only a few online stores where available in the country, a few months later, online shopping mall competitors were showing up from nowhere. This is actually good for the industry as it helps our economy as well. What I strongly feel that contributed to Lazada’s success is their payment method. They actually offer a lot; well most of them are the conventional payment methods such as thru credit card or Paypal account. But a particular payment method actually made the difference in tapping the current Internet market and also the untapped market of online, which is the majority of the population in the country.  Lazada, the “Philippines Online Shopping Mall” introduced an alternative payment method that actually changed the Ecommerce landscape in the country. It’s their “Cash on Delivery” payment method that allowed them to grow in the Ecommerce market. What it does is it allows their customers to pay only after their orders are delivered at their very homes and actually handed over to them. Best of all, their customer can pay cash. All they need to do is select any items they want from the website and provide the shipment recipient and address to Lazada. No upfront payment needed if they select “Cash on Delivery” as their mode of payment method. This helps online customers to not worry about getting scammed since they can hold on to their money up until their orders are delivered to them. Another thing is that non-credit card holders or non-Paypal account owners will still get to enjoy the online shopping experienced they haven’t tried yet thru Lazada Philippines.



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2 comments on “Lazada Review: Ecommerce, now rising in the Philippines!

  1. LoseTheGuilt says:

    COD and credit card.. the most convenient methods of payment ever.

  2. hey, I’m unable to subscribe to your RSS feed. Can you help or do you know why? thanks to your info.

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