Lazada, both locally and internationally competent

internationally competent

An online shopping website isn’t at all easy to establish. Yes, anyone can create their own website but not all can produce effective and efficient outputs. LazadaPH is one of the e-commerce websites in the Philippines today that is able to compete in an international level having more than 50 online ventures under its company’s belt. Tried and tested, this website is a gold piece in a puzzle making thousands of transactions every month. Lazada is an online site that specializes on the latest technological devices like cellular phones, tablets, mp3s, laptops, etc. But don’t think this is all they can offer. They have a variety of products for sale apart from their already outstanding collection of gadgets. They have products featuring items from the latest leading brands to high quality local manufacturers known nationwide, if not is already on its way to making a name for itself. Its impressive resume is due to its internationally known creator, Rocket Internet. This online venture building company is known for having established a selection of websites all distinct from each other scattered all over the world in 5 continents. Don’t underestimate this powerhouse website because though it is barely more than a year old, it has proven itself worthy of Filipino online users through its overwhelmingly good customer care and promo discounts. Not a lot of websites especially those only based locally can say that they give their customers more than what they bargained for. Lazada has flexible methods of payments offering both cash and credit based payments, a well-informed customer hotline to address different kinds of concerns and reasonable days for item returns to name a few of its services.

While other websites continue to struggle to get ahead of its other competitors, this international website that is locally based has made name for itself in the subtlest ways. No flashy marketing schemes, just pure service. It has been this way since they started. And though it experienced a few bumps along the way like inevitable customer complaints, it has become the very source of what they can now refer to as their upper hand. All websites go through a rough patch but as commonly said as it is, those defying moments help create an even better outlook for the company receiving the negative comments.

E-commerce is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing industries today. More people, a degree holder or not can enter into this type of business and still be able to create a successful brand. Navigating to the hearts of Filipino consumers isn’t a mystery. Pinoys simply must be able to trust the company they are transacting with and be served well to maintain the relationship on a long term basis. I had to learn the hard way how beneficial online shopping can be. I had to get ripped off by television ads and mall stall promos to see just how lot cheaper items sold online can get. Since online websites are faced with the challenge to compete in a global level, they have to come up with rates that will attract customers without losing track of making reasonable profits.


Lazada’s gateway to everything affordable

everything affordable

I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR EXTENSIONS EVERYWHERE. I have been searching Sulit every day since the start of April. I have been using synthetic hair for a few months now and though it’s a lot cheaper, the life span of a whole set rarely lasts more than a month. I guess it pretty much depends on the user but given how I’m always all over the place, I need something that can last a lot longer than just a few weeks. I went to a salon one time and a whole set cost P7, 000, at least the length that I wanted. It was only by luck that I saw an online shop selling the same brand of the real hair extensions I mentioned earlier for a lot cheaper price. I bought 5 pieces good enough to cover my entire head. So ecstatic about finally finding the perfect hair type for me, I browsed through a couple more sites and that’s when I saw Lazada Online Shop. I have only heard of it through friends who are really into gadgets. They said that Lazada primarily caters to gadget enthusiasts. But as I went over each page of the site, I couldn’t help but beg to differ. Their collections are so wide that I doubt they were only aiming for one section of the whole online market population. They had furniture of all sizes, baby toys and even clothes for sale.

The good thing about online selling is you have the freedom to sell whatever item you like. There are no limitations and not a lot of rules to abide by. If there are any, it’s pretty much the honesty to the customers and clients to avoid any damages that might lead to legalities. Online shopping malls are so popular that I doubt someone who is constantly online has never dropped by an online site once or twice. I know a thing or two about online shopping because my bestfriend has her very own published on Facebook. It requires a lot of determination because people from all parts of the Philippines are the ones you render service to. That’s not something to joke about or take for granted. As much as I would want to promote mall shopping as the best bet in getting the good deals and promos, I can’t. Base on personal experience, the things I like that are available in outlet stores are nothing compared to the price the items I like online are sold for. Because online shops don’t have the advantage of charismatic salesmen or salesladies to win over clients, online shops go straight to the point. They offer their merchandises for a lower price without sacrificing the quality of the product and the service offered throughout the transaction process. It’s new but it doesn’t mean it’s not good.

Lazada: A successful entrance

successful entrance

Once again, Filipinos have proven their uncontrollable obsession over all things foreign. A German company called Rocket Internet launched one of its primary websites in the Philippines a little over a year ago. Lazada — the Philippine’s Online Shopping Mall is a solid proof to this testament.  Despite it being under an international company not originally based in the Philippines, Filipinos are obsessing over it as if their life depended on it. That’s an exaggeration but the massive increase in the number of online buyers not just in Lazada alone is surprising. Who knew there was more to the internet than social networking? I sure didn’t.

It is a mall specifically built in every household. That’s one fancy way of looking at it, right? Simply go online and gain access to every item offered on the numerous pages of this online shopping site. It sells various items that are so distinct from each other that you wouldn’t be able to help but browse each one. Did you ever think a website would sell make-up and gadgets in one site? They simply don’t mix and are too dissimilar from each other to assume it would make up a successful online site. Well I was blown away after realizing that it took an out of the box idea such as Lazada Online Shop. Its interface and function are undeniably effective. More websites are trying to steal the spotlight by coming up with the same concept and marketing it as their own. This online shopping mall has branches in other countries scattered all over Southeast Asia. They have branched out to Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. It celebrated its first year anniversary a few weeks ago and has since then carved its way into the hearts of many Filipino online buyers everywhere. They service nationwide allowing locals in other provinces not just the one near the city to get a taste of the quality products they have in store. To make things even better, they provide free delivery to customers who reach their minimum rate of P1, 000. Customers no longer have to worry about the availability of shipment of the items they like.

You have probably heard of them through commercials, radio jingles, online advertisements, etc. But you don’t have to ponder so much on those because credibility cannot be measured by mere exposure. As expected, it has exceeded all expectations by coming up with additional features on their website. Besides the very convenient selections and interface, they have additional benefits available to all subscribers and buyers. They have a 7-day return policy that gives customers a chance to return their orders. If ever within the week from the day of delivery the items start acting up or the customer spots a defect, they can return their item free of charge and get a full refund that they can use to purchase another item. They also have warranties provided by the respective manufacturers valid for two years that will give free service if ever purchases malfunction halfway through.

Summer Must-Haves for Babies

Hitting the beach with your little one? Don’t get too excited with the summer attire and toys. Of course, it’s guaranteed that your baby will look adorable in them. But their security and protection is still the best priority a parent can give. Gear up for your summer family outing with these baby care must-haves.

Sunblock – You would not want all that baby soft skin to dry up, right? Use child-friendly sunblock lotions and have a peace of mind whenever they try to wander or explore the environment.


Kustie Sunblock Cream w/ SPF 60


Baby Carrier – Going on a family vacation is fun but physically tiring. Lessen your burden by having a baby carrier. No more strained arms from carrying your little one. You can multitask and carry other stuff, too, while carrying your baby.

baby carrier

Sesame Beginnings Baby Carrier Slim

Baby Mosquito Net – If you’re the outdoor junkie type who really wants to experience outdoor life with your kids, then be sure to steer clear of mosquitoes especially at night. Let your precious little one sleep peacefully protected by a mosquito net.

mosquito net

Royal Baby Mosquito Net

Shop for these needs at Lazada Philippines. I got these images from them, btw.

Make Lazada options work for you

Lazada option

Worried you can never get those favorite pants you have been eying online? Stop worrying and start finding a way to get your hands on it! It won’t just magically become available for your disposal. Unless of course you look elsewhere that have methods of payments in favor of you. That’s totally reasonable and that doesn’t make you a brat. You’re a customer and before looking around, you should already be aware of the kind of service you want and need. Those are two totally different things.

Customers need quality items and good payment methods to allow them to purchase what they want.  It’s normal for a buyer to expect well-made items regardless of how cheap they are being sold for. That’s a need because if the buyer wanted something that gets easily broken then the buyer can opt to go to a tiangge or divisoria instead. If you can’t accomplish an order because the only method of payment available isn’t possible to be done by you then ordering in the first place becomes useless. A want is asking or requiring a website to have something unnecessary to complete a transaction. Add-ons are bonuses and are not mandatory. As much as you think you need it, if you can carry on with a transaction without it then it’s automatically deemed a bonus. Letting go of a good deal on an item you like just because you can’t get the bonuses you want is well, stupid.

Out of everything aforementioned, I think payment method has the most impact. It’s pretty basic when you try to analyze it. Some people don’t apply for credit cards while others don’t keep huge amounts of cash with them on a daily basis. If a website sticks with just one then they’ll be eliminating half of their market population. Companies sell online because they want to reach out to a wider audience and purposely becoming exclusive or selective defeat that very purpose.

Online websites like Lazada offer both to pave way to all kinds of online buyers. They have cash on delivery that is advisable to those who prefer paying during the actual delivery and there are credit card payments to allow those who put their orders strictly on credit a chance to purchase what they want as well. Those are needs because customers should have the upper hand and the chance to choose whatever option they see fit. Lazada delivers for free if the customer’s purchase amounts to a minimum of P1, 000. Also, every order comes with warranties and is returnable within 7 days. These are normal wants of customers that Lazada Online Shop provide for free. These are add-ons that not all online shopping sites offer. They are not mandatory but the existences of these make websites a lot more appealing and credible.

We all have to find websites that fit our personal requirements because a website I like will not necessarily be a perfect fit for you. But don’t be too stuck up. Don’t let your ego get to you that might lead you to letting go of a perfectly good deal.




Lazada PH TVC

Lazada: An online experience like no other

like no other

How often do you hear people ranting about how going online can be so bittersweet? It’s not something you can completely argue with because obviously overuse of the internet can eventually lead to forgetting of priorities. But people can’t keep playing the blame game. Because reality is, it’s the people using the internet’s fault and not the other way around. It’s like saying you got hit by a truck while sunbathing in the middle of the road and telling the authorities it was the truck’s fault for being so dangerous. People have got to stop diverting responsibilities and flaws to non-moving objects especially if the real cause of it all is so apparent.

Online shopping is addicting but it’s not because it exists that people are broke and out of control with their shopping. It exists for a reason and that’s to make the concept of shopping convenient for every type of person. It levels the playing field in a way because Filipinos all over the Philippines can own the exact same things regardless whether they live in the city or an unmapped territory.

My favorite online shopping site to date is Lazada. It introduced a lot of firsts for me. It was the very first site I signed up for. I badly wanted to avail one of their promos a few months back and the only way I could order was if I signed in. I usually buy from online shops that would only require filling out an order form or texting the owner. I always thought signing up would be a lot of hassle but to my surprise, it has become the reason I was able to get my recent purchases for such a low price. It never mattered where I was. I always found my way online, checking out the most useless websites. But even the most irrelevant websites offered something out of the ordinary.

If I take into account my purchases alone, I’d say I did a pretty good job helping the e-commerce society increase their over-all success. I don’t buy big ticket items that cost more than 4 digits but I never fail to buy something out of pure impulse whenever I scan pages of online sites particularly Lazada because it’s by far the website I know of that has the most number of options and categories. If you are always travelling and busy with work that you never find the time to buy something for yourself, online shopping can become your best friend. Filipinos adapt very well to new things. Even my grandparents are hooked on the latest Apple products. They love playing Scrabble and Crossword in all available kinds of app. My parents are like teenagers obsessing over Candy Crush. I find it very impressive up to now that websites like Lazada Online Shop are able to channel their strengths in all the right ways that magnify how effective they can be. In return, the customers that happen to just drop by their website go back and eventually become as hooked as I am.





Lazada Philippines’ TVC

Summer Fashion for Kids

If you’re a dressy woman or man, then surely your kids are dressed to the nines, too, right? You may be done with picking the latest additions for your wardrobe so how about updating your child’s wardrobe, too?

Summer is here. The bright and bold colors are here. Loose fitting clothes and such are in. But what exactly (especially for kids)? Here are some the trending clothes in kids’ fashion:

Kids fashion

There’s no other best season to wear shorts than during summer. But the tailored ones are cuter for your cute little one. The season may be hot but the popping that collar is hotter. Colorful plaid adds a chic vibe.

kids fashion2

Dresses are always in fashion but the tutus and chiffon material/design are what’s in for this season. Pastels still look good during summer. Tunics also look cute on little princesses. Apart from feeling cool, it also looks chic and cool.