Lazada: Pay it like how you want to pay it

pay it

When I was doing some sort of self-deliberation on whether I should jump into this online shopping bandwagon or not, the first thing that or the concern that was on the totem pole of my considerations was the payment method (that was before I came across the Philippines’ online shopping mall Lazada Philippines ) which is of course a very important thing obviously because online shopping can’t be called online shopping if payment is going to be taken out of the equation otherwise it should not be called shopping but stealing or fraud and I am not that kind of person I might be greedy and obsessive compulsive by I am no thief lol! I am a staunch believer in the rules of business ethics, justice, equal opportunity, fair play and all of those things that righteous citizens of this country believes in well whatever. Payment methods were my concern not because I was not aware that paying using a credit card is the top way to pay for an online purchase but because I simply am not really that comfortable using one online. It was probably because I know and I am fully cognizant of the inner workings of online credit card fraud because of my previous work in the field of Internet security.

That was why even if it was really tempting sometimes to just go to an online shopping website and just order off an item that I really like, I struggled really hard to keep my retail therapy cravings in check and tighten the reins of self-restraint.It was especially difficult since I have some sort of a gear acquisition syndrome just to explain how it is to have that condition, like I was into photography and naturally there are a lot of gear options to choose from like lenses, tripods and all that stuff. I will usually find myself looking around online for the new product releases and drops and having this urge to buy them even though I just recently purchased the latest gear. It is comparable to those people that they feature on that cable television show hoarders where people have this certain fondness or shall I say obsession for collecting things even though they don’t need them. The only difference is that those hoarders on T.V likes to accumulate seemingly random things that can be considered as junk whereas my hoarding interest is pointed toward gears that are central to a hobby that I pursue. Anyway going back to payment methods online, the predicament that I was having have been resolved and I can now enjoy online shopping without the anxiety of using a credit card for my purchases which was made possible with Lazada Philippines’ multiple modes of payment. The one that I frequently go for is the cash on delivery payment method which is by far the easiest way to pay for my items. The process is very easy; I just order the item and pay for it when it arrives. No information verification and all that complicated stuff just pure online shopping fun that only Lazada could bring.



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One comment on “Lazada: Pay it like how you want to pay it

  1. LoseTheGuilt says:

    Wish I was that guy in the photo lol

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