Lazada as the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall

Lazada Philippines is taking the local e-commerce industry by storm!

I super love doing my shopping online. I love the convenience and I like receiving stuff through the mail (So shallow, I know. But it’s my thing. Let it go.). The process of buying stuff online is just perfect for people on the go like me. Anyway, having been around the online shopping block for quite some time now, I can tell you how lucky we are to have a site like this.



Products Galore


The Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall is filled to the brim with every product imaginable (except food). It also carries a variety of brands that it is hard to picture logging off from the site without purchasing anything. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is not having to leave home or work just to shop. I can literally squeeze in shopping activities between breaks and household chores.

When paying for purchases, worry no more as they have a couple of payment methods on hand. To begin with, there is the customary credit card option made even better by their collaboration with MasterCard and Banco De Oro. With MasterCard, shoppers get an additional 10% off every Monday with only just a minimum spend of P3,000 and with Banco De Oro cardholders, shoppers can take advantage of the three-month 0% installment. With these card promos, buying big ticket items becomes more practical and affordable.


Creative Payment Options

The site also offers the ingenious Cash on Hand (COD) payment option. If you ask me, it is really brilliant how, through this payment method, Lazada Philippines managed to create a bigger customer base. You see, a lot of people are unable to shop online because they either do not have credit cards or are just plain skeptical about the whole deal of paying first before seeing the actual item. With COD, they have managed to kill two birds with one stone – providing customer convenience while expanding clientele. The last payment option is Dragon Pay which enables customers to either do online banking or pay over the counter through remittance centers, pawnshops, 7-Eleven outlets and LBC branches.


"Free Delivery" (3D with tick)


Free Delivery Available


Now, if you think the payment methods are great, wait ’til you hear that they have free delivery available to so many destinations across the country too. And an even greater news is they accept product returns with no questions asked so long as it is within the seven-day guarantee period. That should ease your fears of buying merchandise you haven’t seen or touch. The only catch is you will have to foot the return shipping fee but if product is damaged, you will be reimbursed the shipping cost.

Lazada Philippines is truly ahead of the game for coming up with one-of-a kind services designed to revolutionize the local e-commerce industry. Their presence in the Philippine market is a breath of fresh air. Their business acumen never fails to shine through with every strategy they implement resulting in a successfully run shopping website we can now call our own.



2 comments on “Lazada as the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall

  1. REVIEWS says:

    yes its free delivery and cash on hand. thats what i love lazada.

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