Lazada: The Importance of Customer Service


Customer service can make or break a potential purchase. For customers who are just trying out online shopping for the first time, the online process of ordering might come across as overwhelming making them feel the need to inquire. Not a lot of people do this because most often than not, online shoppers act out of impulse and think about the possible consequences later on. If the service center can’t be reached at any convenient time, this dismisses the possibility of potentially getting a client to complete his order. This is usually the case with online shopping websites just starting out. Since the owner only has himself to rely on to do everything, he has no one else to transfer the responsibility to during moments that he’s busy worrying or doing something else.


A lot more is expected from well-established companies since they have more resources to pull out money from to better their customer service department. This is something startup companies should consider focusing on. If you’re looking for ways to establish a good relationship with a client, prioritizing their concerns and needs might just be the key to bag their loyalty. During Lazada’ fresh few months, they created a customer service available during working hours until a few hours after to accommodate all types of buyers. Their services included flexible hours for customer service and return policies applicable to all customers. As they progressed, they started adding more ways to make ordering from them convenient to customers. They now currently have Lazada Promise, which prioritizes orders, right off the bat. Customers are eligible to P500 worth of gift certificate if orders are not dispatched from their warehouse within 24 or 48 hours depending on the date of order. Orders made on weekdays are processed faster than those accomplished on weekends for obvious reasons. Return policies give out refunds in forms of gift checks if ever the items ordered are proven to be ineffective and not the client’s fault. These are just some of the many promos Lazada launched in the past few months that honor the importance of their customers.


Yes, the products being offered are always the key component to creating a successful company. But outside this, there are many factors customers consider in deciding whether or not the company is worth buying from or not. If companies choose to neglect customer service as one of their key tools in bagging a customer then their hold on them is looser than other companies with good customer service. Customer service may seem like just a side project but overall, it’s the customer service that takes the heat from the company’s faults caused by either human error or pure negligence. They have the power to turn things around and get a flustered customer to reconsider their decision to never make another transaction with them. Unlike stores with staff that have actual interaction with the customers, online shopping sites only get to have personal conversations when the customers choose to contact them through either phone or email. Staff impact holds the key to establishing rapport with the customers making them feel that the company they wish to buy from can be trusted.





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