The world’s number one online venture builder is behind Lazada’s success


My unshaken fondness for  Lazada stems from the fact that it was the very first online shopping website that gave me my very first online shopping experience not that I am not aware of online shopping per se but because it is one of the first local online shopping websites in the country. I was pretty much aware of the existence of popular international online shopping websites like, and others however my participation in e-commerce have been pretty much limited to just online window shopping and perusing of product reviews on those websites. The reason for that limited interaction was the proximity of those online shopping companies. Although they are established and reputable online shopping companies, hesitancy and reluctance to place an order have prevailed over the willingness to freely dive in and make a purchase.




Like what I have mentioned it was because of proximity which translates to longer waiting time to receive an order and the fact that I was not that too comfortable with paying using my credit card because of security concerns albeit I know that those online shopping websites has a lots of security measures in place to thwart any possible account information security threat but I guess it all boils down to my own personal preference. That was why I was exuberant when I first gotten wind that a huge online venture builder called Rocket Internet is going to introduce the retail style of online shopping to the Philippines through what they call as the Philippines’ online shopping mall Lazada Ph. After the website has been introduced, its growth has been virtually unstoppable and it was not really difficult to figure out the reason for that unmitigated success.




The website was readily embraced by eager local shopping aficionados and shopaholics and why not, Lazada gives local online shoppers a very far reaching and diverse product categories like mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, consumer electronics, cameras, home and living, home appliances, toys and babies, fashion and accessories, watches (my favorite category because I am a self-proclaimed watch connoisseur and collector), health and beauty (another favorite category because I am a health buff and freak), travel and luggage, sports and music books and movies (which is actually ranks on the top of my favorite shopping categories list). The benefits of doing online shopping in Lazada are unmatched convenience, worry-free online shopping experience, free delivery available, 7 days return policy, various payment methods like credit card, Dragon Pay and cash on delivery. I mentioned earlier that Lazada is a company created by Rocket Internet. This awesome online venture builder is based out of Berlin, Germany but they have 25 international offices scattered around the globe which is enough proof that they have been dominating the online venture building industry for quite a while now. They started putting up online companies in as early as 1999 and have since established over 100 hundred industry leading companies in 40 countries. These figures attest to the greatness behind Lazada’s dominance of the industry and with this kind of backing more success is definitely in order for this company.




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