Lazada’s far reaching impact

reaching impact

Lots and lots of online shopping websites have been launched during the past couple of years and most if not all of them have been very successful and the Philippines’ online shopping mall Lazada is no stranger to that group of very profitable and highly successful online retail companies. Now what is good about Lazada is that it indirectly does not keep its victories within just the confines of the company. The good thing is that the feats they have accomplished have a direct positive impact to the Philippines’ burgeoning online shopping and e-commerce industry. First off let us take a peek into Lazada Philippines’ background and the big name online venture builder that started this unstoppable and soon would-be the country’s online retail giant. Lazada is an online shopping company created by the world’s largest, effective and fastest online venture builder none other than Berlin Germany’s Rocket Internet. The company has a very astonishing repertoire of top notch e-commerce and online shopping companies under its belt.


The company began developing online companies in as early as 1999 (the early years of the dotcom boom), Rocket Internet helped usher in around 100 market leading e-commerce and online retail businesses in as many as 40 countries all over the globe. You might be wondering what an online venture builder is so I thought I will provide a very quick primer. Online venture builders are like coaches that provides guidance to a young athlete. To illustrate the concept, I will be using Lazada as an example. Like what I have mentioned, online venture builders such as Rocket Internet are pretty much like sports coaches that guides young athletes during the early stages of their sports careers. The idea is to provide as much support as they can to help the young business get up to speed to maximize success and profitability rates. In this example, Lazada is the young athlete who is trying to get his career off the ground by getting as much support and coaching as he can and the entity providing that support and coaching is Rocket Internet. Rocket Internet has been doing that mentoring and coaching for a lot of years now and has been very successful in doing so.


The company’s illustrious career have produced notable names in the online shopping industry such Linio, Wimdu, Zalando, Zalora, Mizado. Given these facts, it is obvious that a company brought forth by Rocket Internet is bound to have a very immense positive impact to the e-commerce industry where it is going to be unleashed on and that is what is exactly happening to Lazada. Its delve into the local e-commerce industry have added more energy, passion and dynamics to the once stale Internet business environment thus providing a huge boost to the industry and opening up opportunities to workers and avid online shoppers alike. The positive impact to our local online shoppers can be summed up in more quality product choices for them and accessibility to premium items. Employment wise, Lazada helped alleviate unemployment rates by providing work opportunities for our local I.T professionals. Lazada’s success is definitely far reaching beyond just mere profit.



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