The positive effects of having Lazada around

positive effects


One of the coolest activities ever invented in the World Wide Web is perhaps online shopping. It is by far the most enjoyable thing that I do online (that is of course if I got the line of credit or cash to blow through those amazing products on). My favorite online shopping nowadays is of course our very own Online Shopping Manila which has become my top go to website whenever I need something or if I am feeling a little bit sappy and just wanted to get some retail therapy fix. Doing shopping online is a very easy and fun activity to do. The requirements are very minimal and not at all hard to find like you just got to have a computer (of course), Internet connection and some cash to spend. Heck you do not even have to have a credit card in order to enjoy online shopping. Yes I said that right and I am going to repeat, stress and reiterate that you don’t need that good old plastic if you are going to go online shopping especially if you are going to do it through the Philippines’ online shopping mall Lazada Philippines which has made online shopping very convenient with their cash on delivery service and other alternative ways of making payments on top of the traditional method which is of course paying through a credit card.


Lazada has had a tremendous impact to our e-commerce and online shopping industry. Let us break things down a bit. The Philippines has always been a bastion of western culture in Southeast Asia and Pinoys have been known to be voracious consumers of western culture. We have been very consistent in adopting western ways of living from the food, clothes, music, vehicles, language and other aspects of culture. We are always on the forefront and ready to ingest culture tossed in-front of us. Amongst those aspects of culture is a western way of shopping called online shopping which have gradually gained popularity and acceptance thanks to the coming of Lazada Philippines. The Pinoy consumer instantly got hooked up on the idea of online shopping and the benefits that comes along with it. Local online shoppers nowadays can just check an item out, put it on his online shopping cart and have it delivered to his doorstep without worrying about delivery delays unlike those days when most of the online shopping websites are located internationally. Lazada definitely created some sort of awareness amongst local consumers that a great online shopping experience does not necessarily need to come from online shopping websites located overseas. Lazada Ph’s success also proved and validated that e-commerce can thrive in a developing country like the Philippines which is a demonstration of our market adaptability and flexibility. It shows the Philippine populations receptiveness to technology, innovation and new ways of doing things. This is a semantic analysis in terms of the cultural impact of having Lazada Philippines around. Lazada truly has the makings of a visionary company and you can see it through the positive effects it had on our local e-commerce industry.





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