The genius behind Lazada’s success


The foundation of Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall did not just happen fortuitously nor is it a product of some spontaneous combustion big bang theory-ish kind of phenomena. It was not an offspring of some random cookery either. What Lazada is that it was an invention of some of the most prolific and beautiful minds in the online venture incubation industry. That conglomeration of canny and technologically astute individuals ended up in the establishment of Rocket Internet. Rocket Internet is the best online venture builder and business incubator bar none no questions asked. It is being run by an elite team of erudite individuals who simply knows nothing but success, winning, hegemony and domination of the venture building world. But what is business incubation anyway? Here’s a quick overview of what it is and why it is a very effective process in getting online businesses off the ground fast and furious (pun intended). Business incubators are companies that bolster start-up entrepreneurial endeavors chance of making it out there in the harsh start-up business environment.

An online business incubator like Rocket Internet does it through an arsenal of business buttresses and other resources that they forged, developed, perfected and often times customized according to the needs of the business entity that the company is trying to help get up to speed. Online venture builders or business incubators like Rocket Internet practically provides the whole gamut of support that a start-up entrepreneurial outfit might need like: consultation on the rudiments of business, getting the business name out there or marketing, establishing networks, Internet access, Financial assistance and money management, access to funds, loans and other sources of capital, management of intellectual property, technology assistance, mentoring programs, manpower and human resources, help in getting access to high speed internet ( a seemingly mundane and simple task that is crucial and could be costly if overlooked or taken for granted. Hint: todays businesses will not run properly without access to a stable and strong Internet connection) , connections to strategic business partners, connections to continuing education resources, support in regulatory compliance, support in business etiquette, ample business training programs and whole lot of other things that a fledgling company might need. Now that we have an idea of what Rocket Internet does and how crucial their role is in ensuring the success of online business ventures, let us now take a look at a quick glance at Rocket Internet’s background. Rocket Internet was founded by the Samwer brothers of Berlin Germany. Their goal is to identify the most effective internet businesses out there on the World Wide Web and reproduce them in their country (Germany) or somewhere else (just like how they did when they introduced Lazada in the Philippines). The companies that they normally take a look at are coming from the United States which of course where most of the successful internet ideas are coming from.  They have been doing it since 1999 and have achieved immense success. That’s what Rocket Internet is. The genius behind Lazada’s success.


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