Lazada’s convenient shopping experience encouraged a lot of people to do online shopping

positive Impact

I think Lazada Online Mall is a pretty sweet online shopping website, sweet enough to set off a classroom full of toddlers into a wild bacchanalian frenzy. No I am just kidding folks. It was probably the red bull and espresso shot I took kicking in and hitting me hard. But seriously, I think Lazada Philippines is rad. Prior to getting into Lazada, I was not that big into online shopping, when I go check out online shopping websites, I merely look around read some reviews and basically just checking out what is new, what the new drops are that kind of thing because I love keeping myself updated on the new stuff that manufacturers are putting out because I am an ardent supporter and a staunch believer in capitalism and consumerism. I think consumerism is the backbone, the lifeblood, the bone marrow of economy and without it the world will simply stop to a grinding halt, plunge backwards returning to its primordial caveman-like ways of living.


That might not be true but that is my opinion, my take on the subject anyways. I said earlier that I was not a huge fan of online shopping before and well I was not the only one, I know a whole bunch of people too who were not into online shopping before thee got to hear about Lazada Philippines. There was a very good reason for that attitude toward online shopping. I myself did not prefer online shopping because I love hanging out at the mall. I could say the same for a lot of other folks too who are not so gung-ho about hanging out in cyberspace doing window shopping and chilling. Also it might be that there was not any good option online before unlike how it is right now when we got Lazada Ph in our midst.


However, times change, people change too along with their perspective on things like the Internet, technology and doing business online. The Internet and online shopping companies have changed too. Online shopping companies nowadays are safer, better and more convenient than ever. Most companies are game changers just like what Lazada is. I am going to zoom in on Lazada Ph right now just to give you a bigger picture or general idea of what they have contributed so far to the local e-commerce industry. Lazada is one the few companies who first came up with the idea of the cash on delivery payment method. Well cash on delivery method is not really a new concept because it has been in existence for quite a while now and a lot of home T.V shopping companies are using it. What made it different was the fact that it has not been used extensively in online shopping before. Lazada Philippines, with their vision to be the Philippines online shopping mall opted to introduce that payment method which made online shopping accessible and encouraging lots of eager consumers to give online shopping a shot thus giving a much needed boost to the local e-commerce industry. Lazada rendered more positive dynamics into a once ailing e-commerce industry. Expect to see more of those positive impacts in the years to come as Lazada keeps on getting better and better.




LazadaPH Commercial


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