Lazada values customers through practical add-ons


I know this sounds incredibly amateurish but I never knew online shopping could be so much fun until I discovered it for myself while browsing through a bunch of ads online. I have always wanted to try it out but for some reason, I never got around to do it. I am usually always online which is strange because my work is strictly based offline. But every chance I get, I check out my Facebook and Twitter just to catch up with my friends. I am a fresh graduate so my work ethics are sadly not as defined as the others.

I came upon an online shopping MALL. Yes, I put emphasis on the word mall because it literally holds every item you can imagine being sold in an actual mall. Well, that isn’t much of a stretch since Lazada Online Shop calls itself as the Philippine’s Online Shopping Mall. You can’t really argue with that tagline since they pretty much embody a mall, it’s just that this one is viewable online. I consider myself lucky because I ended up buying for the first time from a certified website — certified in the sense that it’s not just some trial online site trying to rip off fresh baits like me.

I don’t know much about online shops but it has come to my attention that there are a lot of benefits available from Lazada that majority of other sites don’t offer. The delivery method for instance is something uniquely their company’s here in the Philippines. Both Lazada and Zalora are the only websites I know of that offer deliveries for purchases that amount to P1, 000 at the minimum. They also give out warranties for every product they sell from the respective merchandisers. The warranties last up to 2 years. This is beneficial to the customer because he can be assured that his concerns can still be addressed even after a few months. This is in addition the 7 days that they give out to every customer. The 7-day Policy allows a customer to return orders that are in poor condition or do not follow the characteristics described on the website. If the team in charge of testing return items proves that the problem was not caused by the customers, a refund in a form of a gift check will be given so the customers can repurchase their order or buy something else in exchange.

For a first timer like me, I think it’s a huge advantage to have these additional benefits. I don’t really know how I would react in a situation that would require me to deal with scammers. I also wanted my first purchase to be a successful one because by how my friends described their personal experiences in online shopping, it greatly eased their burdens. Most of my friends are always on the run so having some time off to buy items for themselves without compensating the quality of their work is something they truly appreciate.




Lazada Philippines’ Commercial



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