Lazada: An online experience like no other

like no other

How often do you hear people ranting about how going online can be so bittersweet? It’s not something you can completely argue with because obviously overuse of the internet can eventually lead to forgetting of priorities. But people can’t keep playing the blame game. Because reality is, it’s the people using the internet’s fault and not the other way around. It’s like saying you got hit by a truck while sunbathing in the middle of the road and telling the authorities it was the truck’s fault for being so dangerous. People have got to stop diverting responsibilities and flaws to non-moving objects especially if the real cause of it all is so apparent.

Online shopping is addicting but it’s not because it exists that people are broke and out of control with their shopping. It exists for a reason and that’s to make the concept of shopping convenient for every type of person. It levels the playing field in a way because Filipinos all over the Philippines can own the exact same things regardless whether they live in the city or an unmapped territory.

My favorite online shopping site to date is Lazada. It introduced a lot of firsts for me. It was the very first site I signed up for. I badly wanted to avail one of their promos a few months back and the only way I could order was if I signed in. I usually buy from online shops that would only require filling out an order form or texting the owner. I always thought signing up would be a lot of hassle but to my surprise, it has become the reason I was able to get my recent purchases for such a low price. It never mattered where I was. I always found my way online, checking out the most useless websites. But even the most irrelevant websites offered something out of the ordinary.

If I take into account my purchases alone, I’d say I did a pretty good job helping the e-commerce society increase their over-all success. I don’t buy big ticket items that cost more than 4 digits but I never fail to buy something out of pure impulse whenever I scan pages of online sites particularly Lazada because it’s by far the website I know of that has the most number of options and categories. If you are always travelling and busy with work that you never find the time to buy something for yourself, online shopping can become your best friend. Filipinos adapt very well to new things. Even my grandparents are hooked on the latest Apple products. They love playing Scrabble and Crossword in all available kinds of app. My parents are like teenagers obsessing over Candy Crush. I find it very impressive up to now that websites like Lazada Online Shop are able to channel their strengths in all the right ways that magnify how effective they can be. In return, the customers that happen to just drop by their website go back and eventually become as hooked as I am.





Lazada Philippines’ TVC


One comment on “Lazada: An online experience like no other

  1. I have happy experiences with Lazada so far, too!

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