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Worried you can never get those favorite pants you have been eying online? Stop worrying and start finding a way to get your hands on it! It won’t just magically become available for your disposal. Unless of course you look elsewhere that have methods of payments in favor of you. That’s totally reasonable and that doesn’t make you a brat. You’re a customer and before looking around, you should already be aware of the kind of service you want and need. Those are two totally different things.

Customers need quality items and good payment methods to allow them to purchase what they want.  It’s normal for a buyer to expect well-made items regardless of how cheap they are being sold for. That’s a need because if the buyer wanted something that gets easily broken then the buyer can opt to go to a tiangge or divisoria instead. If you can’t accomplish an order because the only method of payment available isn’t possible to be done by you then ordering in the first place becomes useless. A want is asking or requiring a website to have something unnecessary to complete a transaction. Add-ons are bonuses and are not mandatory. As much as you think you need it, if you can carry on with a transaction without it then it’s automatically deemed a bonus. Letting go of a good deal on an item you like just because you can’t get the bonuses you want is well, stupid.

Out of everything aforementioned, I think payment method has the most impact. It’s pretty basic when you try to analyze it. Some people don’t apply for credit cards while others don’t keep huge amounts of cash with them on a daily basis. If a website sticks with just one then they’ll be eliminating half of their market population. Companies sell online because they want to reach out to a wider audience and purposely becoming exclusive or selective defeat that very purpose.

Online websites like Lazada offer both to pave way to all kinds of online buyers. They have cash on delivery that is advisable to those who prefer paying during the actual delivery and there are credit card payments to allow those who put their orders strictly on credit a chance to purchase what they want as well. Those are needs because customers should have the upper hand and the chance to choose whatever option they see fit. Lazada delivers for free if the customer’s purchase amounts to a minimum of P1, 000. Also, every order comes with warranties and is returnable within 7 days. These are normal wants of customers that Lazada Online Shop provide for free. These are add-ons that not all online shopping sites offer. They are not mandatory but the existences of these make websites a lot more appealing and credible.

We all have to find websites that fit our personal requirements because a website I like will not necessarily be a perfect fit for you. But don’t be too stuck up. Don’t let your ego get to you that might lead you to letting go of a perfectly good deal.




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