Summer Must-Haves for Babies

Hitting the beach with your little one? Don’t get too excited with the summer attire and toys. Of course, it’s guaranteed that your baby will look adorable in them. But their security and protection is still the best priority a parent can give. Gear up for your summer family outing with these baby care must-haves.

Sunblock – You would not want all that baby soft skin to dry up, right? Use child-friendly sunblock lotions and have a peace of mind whenever they try to wander or explore the environment.


Kustie Sunblock Cream w/ SPF 60


Baby Carrier – Going on a family vacation is fun but physically tiring. Lessen your burden by having a baby carrier. No more strained arms from carrying your little one. You can multitask and carry other stuff, too, while carrying your baby.

baby carrier

Sesame Beginnings Baby Carrier Slim

Baby Mosquito Net – If you’re the outdoor junkie type who really wants to experience outdoor life with your kids, then be sure to steer clear of mosquitoes especially at night. Let your precious little one sleep peacefully protected by a mosquito net.

mosquito net

Royal Baby Mosquito Net

Shop for these needs at Lazada Philippines. I got these images from them, btw.


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