Lazada: A successful entrance

successful entrance

Once again, Filipinos have proven their uncontrollable obsession over all things foreign. A German company called Rocket Internet launched one of its primary websites in the Philippines a little over a year ago. Lazada — the Philippine’s Online Shopping Mall is a solid proof to this testament.  Despite it being under an international company not originally based in the Philippines, Filipinos are obsessing over it as if their life depended on it. That’s an exaggeration but the massive increase in the number of online buyers not just in Lazada alone is surprising. Who knew there was more to the internet than social networking? I sure didn’t.

It is a mall specifically built in every household. That’s one fancy way of looking at it, right? Simply go online and gain access to every item offered on the numerous pages of this online shopping site. It sells various items that are so distinct from each other that you wouldn’t be able to help but browse each one. Did you ever think a website would sell make-up and gadgets in one site? They simply don’t mix and are too dissimilar from each other to assume it would make up a successful online site. Well I was blown away after realizing that it took an out of the box idea such as Lazada Online Shop. Its interface and function are undeniably effective. More websites are trying to steal the spotlight by coming up with the same concept and marketing it as their own. This online shopping mall has branches in other countries scattered all over Southeast Asia. They have branched out to Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. It celebrated its first year anniversary a few weeks ago and has since then carved its way into the hearts of many Filipino online buyers everywhere. They service nationwide allowing locals in other provinces not just the one near the city to get a taste of the quality products they have in store. To make things even better, they provide free delivery to customers who reach their minimum rate of P1, 000. Customers no longer have to worry about the availability of shipment of the items they like.

You have probably heard of them through commercials, radio jingles, online advertisements, etc. But you don’t have to ponder so much on those because credibility cannot be measured by mere exposure. As expected, it has exceeded all expectations by coming up with additional features on their website. Besides the very convenient selections and interface, they have additional benefits available to all subscribers and buyers. They have a 7-day return policy that gives customers a chance to return their orders. If ever within the week from the day of delivery the items start acting up or the customer spots a defect, they can return their item free of charge and get a full refund that they can use to purchase another item. They also have warranties provided by the respective manufacturers valid for two years that will give free service if ever purchases malfunction halfway through.


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