Lazada’s gateway to everything affordable

everything affordable

I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR EXTENSIONS EVERYWHERE. I have been searching Sulit every day since the start of April. I have been using synthetic hair for a few months now and though it’s a lot cheaper, the life span of a whole set rarely lasts more than a month. I guess it pretty much depends on the user but given how I’m always all over the place, I need something that can last a lot longer than just a few weeks. I went to a salon one time and a whole set cost P7, 000, at least the length that I wanted. It was only by luck that I saw an online shop selling the same brand of the real hair extensions I mentioned earlier for a lot cheaper price. I bought 5 pieces good enough to cover my entire head. So ecstatic about finally finding the perfect hair type for me, I browsed through a couple more sites and that’s when I saw Lazada Online Shop. I have only heard of it through friends who are really into gadgets. They said that Lazada primarily caters to gadget enthusiasts. But as I went over each page of the site, I couldn’t help but beg to differ. Their collections are so wide that I doubt they were only aiming for one section of the whole online market population. They had furniture of all sizes, baby toys and even clothes for sale.

The good thing about online selling is you have the freedom to sell whatever item you like. There are no limitations and not a lot of rules to abide by. If there are any, it’s pretty much the honesty to the customers and clients to avoid any damages that might lead to legalities. Online shopping malls are so popular that I doubt someone who is constantly online has never dropped by an online site once or twice. I know a thing or two about online shopping because my bestfriend has her very own published on Facebook. It requires a lot of determination because people from all parts of the Philippines are the ones you render service to. That’s not something to joke about or take for granted. As much as I would want to promote mall shopping as the best bet in getting the good deals and promos, I can’t. Base on personal experience, the things I like that are available in outlet stores are nothing compared to the price the items I like online are sold for. Because online shops don’t have the advantage of charismatic salesmen or salesladies to win over clients, online shops go straight to the point. They offer their merchandises for a lower price without sacrificing the quality of the product and the service offered throughout the transaction process. It’s new but it doesn’t mean it’s not good.


One comment on “Lazada’s gateway to everything affordable

  1. “It’s new but it doesn’t mean it’s not good.”
    True, some people can’t easily cope with change but thanks to reviews like yours, people can know if they should trust a site like Lazada.

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