Lazada, both locally and internationally competent

internationally competent

An online shopping website isn’t at all easy to establish. Yes, anyone can create their own website but not all can produce effective and efficient outputs. LazadaPH is one of the e-commerce websites in the Philippines today that is able to compete in an international level having more than 50 online ventures under its company’s belt. Tried and tested, this website is a gold piece in a puzzle making thousands of transactions every month. Lazada is an online site that specializes on the latest technological devices like cellular phones, tablets, mp3s, laptops, etc. But don’t think this is all they can offer. They have a variety of products for sale apart from their already outstanding collection of gadgets. They have products featuring items from the latest leading brands to high quality local manufacturers known nationwide, if not is already on its way to making a name for itself. Its impressive resume is due to its internationally known creator, Rocket Internet. This online venture building company is known for having established a selection of websites all distinct from each other scattered all over the world in 5 continents. Don’t underestimate this powerhouse website because though it is barely more than a year old, it has proven itself worthy of Filipino online users through its overwhelmingly good customer care and promo discounts. Not a lot of websites especially those only based locally can say that they give their customers more than what they bargained for. Lazada has flexible methods of payments offering both cash and credit based payments, a well-informed customer hotline to address different kinds of concerns and reasonable days for item returns to name a few of its services.

While other websites continue to struggle to get ahead of its other competitors, this international website that is locally based has made name for itself in the subtlest ways. No flashy marketing schemes, just pure service. It has been this way since they started. And though it experienced a few bumps along the way like inevitable customer complaints, it has become the very source of what they can now refer to as their upper hand. All websites go through a rough patch but as commonly said as it is, those defying moments help create an even better outlook for the company receiving the negative comments.

E-commerce is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing industries today. More people, a degree holder or not can enter into this type of business and still be able to create a successful brand. Navigating to the hearts of Filipino consumers isn’t a mystery. Pinoys simply must be able to trust the company they are transacting with and be served well to maintain the relationship on a long term basis. I had to learn the hard way how beneficial online shopping can be. I had to get ripped off by television ads and mall stall promos to see just how lot cheaper items sold online can get. Since online websites are faced with the challenge to compete in a global level, they have to come up with rates that will attract customers without losing track of making reasonable profits.


One comment on “Lazada, both locally and internationally competent

  1. Wonder how Lazada will fare after 5 years?

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