Lazada: Let’s get practical! The reality of today’s overlapping responsibilities


One of the most influential things today is online selling. Anyone can just go online and sign up at any web host for free and sell anything they like. Name it and most likely it’s probably already available online. If you’re planning on pioneering something, it would be very difficult to think of something that has not been thought of already. Lazada however saw this more as an opportunity than a threat. They combined all the elements that make a website effective and put it into one powerhouse. And the outcome? It is now considered as one of the most powerful and talked about website on Facebook in Philippine history garnering a million in sales and online hits.

You don’t see a lot of websites venturing to the same concept Lazada online shopping mall has because of the massive risks each day tries to overcome. This makes it such a needle in a haystack. It incorporated well-established international brands with upcoming local brands and made it accessible to everyone. And its accessibility is not only limited to how often and convenient visiting the site is. The prices are very affordable also. They have a wide range of discounts that make their items a better option than those compared to other offline and online stores. They hold promos and sales weekly, sometimes daily that can be availed on top of the already discounted items. The methods they have available are very easy to adjust to. It mainly focuses on good item options but they don’t stray from focusing on providing quality service in line with the rest of their branches all over Southeast Asia.

When you do a lot of travelling and is constantly on the go, you’ll find online shopping more than just a form of leisure but very suitable and sensible to your lifestyle. You can stop procrastinating and accomplish your errands which require shopping for gadgets, furniture, clothes, etc. You can do this while waiting to board in the airport or while in a shuttle on your way to the hotel. You can also catch up on your loved ones by getting them something special personally handpicked by you and get it delivered to their doorstep for the comfort of both parties. While doing it in person is still irreplaceable in effort, taking time off to choose something for your loved one despite the distance will definitely help preserve whatever relationship it is the two of you have.

Online shopping is most of the time perceived as unnecessary way of managing one’s responsibility but its benefits go beyond just mere easy shopping. It’s not just an excuse to have more time to lounge on the couch. Like the rest of the methods you prefer that seem a lot more practical, shopping online can help resolve a lot of issues. If going online instead can make your life a lot easier, staying indifferent to online shopping sounds a lot more impractical. Also, the cash you get to keep after each purchase gets its respective discount is a chance no one should take for granted. Why settle for an outlet store price if you can get it for a lower price?




Lazada’s no risk service

Good Better Best

In a matter of days, Filipinos can possess whatever item they want that they normally have to personally buy and get delivered to their houses in less than a week without having to leave their house. The power of online shopping has shaped how society perceives shopping. It’s a lot more flexible now and definitely more affordable. A lot of online shops thrive because of their cheap products that normally are sold for a thousand but can be bought for 20% off in their store. The beauty of online shopping is that customers can conveniently buy anything they want and not be overwhelmed by the number of shopping bags they have to bring home with them. But on top of everything, the payment methods especially cash on delivery beats the rest of the perks online shopping has. Being able to get something shipped for free to a person’s house and not having to pay immediately for it has its benefits.

Normally, payments that are delayed are given interests. With cash on delivery, a customer can purchase his items and have three days at the most if residing in metro manila to pay whole for something. No down payments required. It seems to be all too unreal since no company must be that dumb or vulnerable to allow deliveries to be processed with no assurance of actual payment taking place the day of the delivery. But that’s why online shopping is a lot more practical. Companies give the customers control over all deliveries made and the company’s ability to surrender against all odds is gratifying making customers more secure of said purchases. No risk, just pure service. Put away all your commitment issues and allow companies like Lazada that offers cash on delivery or COD. Indulge in the absolute best experience by overcoming your issues with regards to entrusting online stores. A true service-oriented company, they embody the truest sense of the word. Putting first the concerns of customers by settling their online anxieties, this online shopping site made use of not only cash on delivery but other form of services centering in payments, services, and promos.

To say that Lazada has captured the hearts of Filipinos with their unique style would be an understatement. They have provided a safe place for online buyers to shop endlessly in hope of making a one of a kind impact in the lives of their customers. Not a lot of websites can be seen doing the same thing as they focus more on making profit that allowing their customers to take part in an experience like no other. Granted that there are other websites like lazada, this online shopping website definitely pioneered online customer service in a whole other level that is incomparable to its competitors. The range of its products gives customers the freedom to explore a variety of choices not only limited to fashion, music and generally the kinds of items familiar to all. It is an exemplary example not only to its customers but to its competitors as well.

Lazada: A diamond in the rough

diamond in a roughA diamond in the rough, Lazada overshadows the rest of its competition with its remarkable set of products available. Normally, to be able to confidently say such a statement, articles would start off with “For years”, but this time that’s not the case. While other online stores gain reputation for the length of their existence and for being the first in their line of business, lazada creates a buzz in less than a year for their pure outstanding service. It is considerably one of the best web sites launched to date because of its intense persistence not to overrule its competitors but to make all customers’ experience unquestionably convenient that they can do it regularly and not feel a bit stressed or overcharged. With the impressive discounts it has, I don’t why you’d ever fill ripped off.

Molded by an international online venture company called rocket internet, this online shopping website has made headlines appearing in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, ABS-CBN and other leading companies in their own chosen field in the media department for their quirky take on good customer service. If the cheap price ranges don’t get you a bit excited then its promos will probably help seal the deal. It has over a thousand products in different brands and a long list of promos that continuously improves each week. The promos range from raffles to close to a hundred percent off discounts. There is no telling how far this website will go to provide the best kind of service they can give as far as online selling is concerned.

If you are looking for a place to get the best finds, don’t look so far because you might be surprised just how equipped online shopping sites today are. Get a look at the newest offers it has and be in control of your daily expenses with countless discounts and promos. Budget what you buy by taking into account all the items you like with a tap from your touch screen mobile phones and decide before check out which ones are not as necessary as the others. All that counts is what you pay for at the end. It’s an easier way of listing down your wants and needs because you get a good picture of what will look good at your place. Your place will never be as dull as before and all of it was done in the four walls of your humble abode. The world humble will not be an understatement at all because your items will all be available for a steal. This online store is determined to win over the hearts of all Filipinos not just the ones in the country but those living abroad. Unlike other stores you can only visit in chosen branches, lazada online mall can be accessed anywhere in the globe at anytime you want. How’s that for convenience? People working outside the country can order what they like and get it delivered to their special someone in the Philippines and their loved ones won’t see it coming.

Lazada Online Shop: My mom’s impulsiveness, Version 5.0

awkward moment

That awkward when feeling when you can’t pay for your bill.

That is probably the last thing I ever want to happen to me. Well, next to not affording anything completely anymore. I just love the idea of buying myself something and not caring about how much it will cost me because I spent months saving for that very epic day to splurge on God knows what. But it definitely didn’t go as well as I planned. I don’t like the idea of shopping every time I get my salary. I like the feeling of earning and collecting my wage for a few weeks and seeing the total transcribed on my booklet. I have come a long way from my P 0. 00 bank account all throughout high school and almost all my years in college. I bought a pair of Dr. Dre beats in Lazada online shop and just when I was about to type in my credit card digits, my mom barges in my room and sees me. That’s not usually a problem since I’ve been working for three years now and I have been since buying everything on my account. But my mom told me she accidentally cashed out all of my money beyond the maintaining balance when I gave her allowance for her dental check up. She needed rush money to get her wisdom tooth checked so I offered to pay for her bills. She’s one of the few women in her 40’s I know that have managed to not completely ruin her teeth.

Anyway, what my mom did was obviously pretty reckless. My mom is always in a rush so it wasn’t unusual for her to make that sort of mistake. I asked her why she didn’t just deposit some of it back and she said the bank was already closed then. She hasn’t been out of the house since her check up. Well, she’s really not the type who goes out regularly anyway. She’s like an old Bella Swan. So basically, I couldn’t use my card. I wanted to pay in installments but since my mom swiped clean my card, I was forced to pay in cash. It was a good thing Lazada accepted cash payments so I was still able to buy my earphones. It was just a bit devastating how I lost my chance of distributing my debts in a way I can conveniently pay for it.

Also, they gave out additional discount to VISA credit holders making it more of a loss on my part. I saved up for it but it would have still been better to have bought more than just one gift to myself. You know the feeling when you have your whole agenda for the day set out in your mind and something completely out of your control ruins it. What’s worse is it was my mom who caused it. My mom can be a bit messy most of the time. I love her in every way possible but sometimes I just can’t help but wish she can get her act together like before. I guess age does affect a person’s lifestyle in a way they never thought possible.


Lazada online Shop: Advancing by supporting local ventures

supporting local ventures

Are you still wasting your time on lousy online shopping malls with poor quality items? Some amateur online sites win over clients by making too good to be true promises. They also make their websites look legitimate. Some of it is not even registered to the Department of Trade and Industry giving you no assurance at all if the services they offer are really existing or are just pure hoax. You will not be able to go after it if it runs away with your money (knock on wood). I wish I was strong enough to eliminate those websites that give false promises and hopes. It has been this way ever since online shopping erupted but slowly, e-commerce has leveled up and has become one of the top performing modes of business. Aspiring to become part of the successful competitive economic countries in the world, the Philippines steps up to the plate by encouraging Filipinos to embrace every type of business there is and in return progress as a nation.

As Filipinos, it is our job to help each other to excel in our own respective endeavors. More than anything else, only we can make that difference. The moment we stop letting other cultures influence our decisions, our local market will heighten benefiting each and every one of us. If we become part of the population that is simply good at complaining and does not help out in any way, then no change will ever transpire. And we blame the government for not seeing a difference when in reality there is, Filipinos are just more centered on pointing out the flaws.

Our responsibility as Filipino citizens is to entertain income generating businesses and not support international products and invest on those instead. Filipinos should learn how to explore their options because you will be surprised just how fruitful the content of Filipino agendas is. Visit websites like Lazada Philippines that offer you a variety of products to help you decide faster and easier. You can pick out your favorites from a list of locally made products. Lazada also has a few international brands under its sleeves that you can check out for better reference. They also work with local delivery companies namely 2GO and LBC. So not only will you be purchasing something from our own but you will also helping 2GO and LBC profit by means of shipments. But still standards will not be compensated as it has branches in other parts of Asia as well making it international in quality.

A lot can be discovered in the different ventures Filipinos are taking part in but this will hardly be as obvious as how good western or European products are doing if you don’t step out of your little sanctuary and make an effort to figure out just what you’re missing. The Philippines is filled with products just as extravagant as those you see in other economically advanced countries. It is just rarely that they are given attention and recognition because majority of the media and the society are too swayed by cultural curiosity.




Lazada Thumbs Up TV Feature

Lazada’s way of taking the load off customers’ anxieties

customer's anxieties

To say that LazadaPH is efficient would be an understatement. If you have tried to order from it, you would know how effective and easy to use it is. I have been shopping online for a long time that I can’t even remember when I first did it. If I’m not mistaken, it was probably a few years back when I was still obsessed with buying autographed pictures of Hollywood celebrities. But who that celebrity was is still a blur. Sadly, I wasted good money and went through that stage as well. I consider Lazada as one of my favorite stores online because of its product range. It has one of the best selections carefully centered on Philippine classics. By Philippine classics, I mean products that are actually consumable by the Filipino market. When you go to international online shops, you’ll see a variety of products that don’t necessarily embody what you want or what you are looking for. I don’t merely focus on its lengthy list of discounted products for I choose to use quality as my marker more than anything else.

Lazada online shop specifically targets products that the local market is interested in. Though it still mixes it up with newly innovated products, it maintains a certain collection that does not stray away from the tastes of Filipinos. Another incomparable matter I appreciate about it is its dedication to carry out a soothing atmosphere for its customers. It does this by exemplifying its services through diverse methods like delivery, promos, warranties, payments, policies, et al.

A rather impressive service it offers is its seal of send off. It has a promise seal that gives customers the status of the development of the customers’ orders through a simple click on the website. This application allows the customers to get updates on their orders and find out whether these are already in the process of being delivered. The orders are shipped to the houses of the customers in three to five days for all deliveries made within metro manila. Otherwise, it takes only a week or less to be shipped to places as far as cities in Mindanao. This kind of transparency relieves customers of worrying about whether or not their orders are on its way.

The methods of payment it offers also serve as a sign of its willingness to put to risk its company’s welfare to pave way for the concerns of its customers mainly, money issues. As we all know, it can be difficult to surrender large sums of money to a virtual company but our generation has created a way to lessen this kind of inconvenience. Cash on delivery, a method that only calls for payment after the package is handed over to the customer, is considerably the safest and most convenient way of transacting. But only one end truly benefits from this as the company has no hold on any guarantee that the customer will follow through.

You can find more reasons to love this online shopping mall by checking out their homepage at

Lazada maximizes

happy customers

When you see the person in front of you in a line not able to buy any of her groceries, you wonder. How could she have forgotten the most essential thing to shopping, right? And most importantly, how could have she failed to check before leaving the house if she had just the right amount of money to get what she likes?

Companies avoid their customers from making these mistakes as much as possible. So they come up with a variety of ways to make sure that customers no matter how forgetful they may be can still abide by the company’s method of payments. Lazada, an online shopping store found two distinct ways to enable customers to work around their conditions. They have two methods that they have offered on their website. Cash on delivery, a method that will not require a customer to pay right after an order form is accomplished. Instead, the customer will have three to five days to collect the said amount required of her to pay. The days will be dependent on how many days you will have to wait before your package arrives to you. The delivery will be overlooked by either 2G0 or LBC, the two shipping companies Lazada is connected with. Payments that are made through credit cards however just have to go through the traditional way of paying on credit. Credit card details will be required to be submitted after an order form is accomplished. After which, all the customer has to worry about is the actual process of delivery and how many days it will take. Deliveries that are shipped in Metro Manila take roughly about three to five days while shipments outside the main city last only up to seven days maximum.

Companies whether the transactions are made online or offline have to be customer-oriented. They have to research on the normal demands of clients and invent ways to be able to come up with better options. Lazada online shop is not solely based in the Philippines. It has other versions all over Southeast Asia. Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are given the same kind of quality service we receive here. But the payment methods from each country don’t necessarily match. It depends on what the people in that specific country are more likely to make use of. I have my personal bias on cash on delivery just because I don’t like the idea of having to pay on credit. I like to get a hold of all of my money during pay cut. Putting some of my purchases on credit is like depriving me of ever buying anything in cash. I grew up in a very strict family. Everything we bought had to be paid in full each time. We were never allowed to borrow money from anyone because they saw it as bad luck for the months to come. It rubbed off on me having been raised that way all my life and now I am unconsciously requiring my daughter to do the same.



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