Lazada Online Store: A new perspective on E-commerce

new perspective


If you’re just as confused as I am, then welcome to the club. If there’s one thing I learned in my years of being a lot older than everyone else here at home, it’s that I have to learn everything myself. The teenagers today are so caught up their little worlds with the social media manipulating their way of living their lives that I hardly get a word out of them.

I started hearing about it last year and since then I have been numb about the massive impact it had already created. Out of curiosity (Like what happened with my sudden obsession over Facebook), I searched about it online and understood a little better than before. I know its dictionary meaning but anything else other than that I know of is just based on hearsay.

E-commerce from how I understand it is any activity done with the use of the technological devices in relation to the internet. At least that’s my concern. Anything else other than that like ATM machines, I can care less about.

If we’re talking about local e-commerce businesses, there’s an incredibly long list to choose from which is a good thing. One of my favorites is Lazada Online Store just because of the variety of products it offers. They have a huge storage base that up to now continues to impress me. They also have services that come for free that make each visit interesting. The membership is for free and most of the time inclusive of gift vouchers.

LazadaPH is a new take on a hobby everyone enjoys every now and then. The services they offer also range from the simplest most expected to impressive add-ons. They have excellent options for payment that can cater to both cash and credit card payers. Two year warranties from the merchandisers on top of the 7-day leeway the company gives for returns with no charge are also provided to all types of customers.

Filipinos rant so much about how the economy isn’t getting any better when in fact it actually is progressing a lot better compared to the previous years. If Filipinos want to take advantage of every cent in their salary, they have to start looking for ways to find cheaper alternatives. Online shopping sites offer that with a lot more benefits on hand. Because there’s so much competition in the same industry, a lot more options have become available making a lot of the merchandises we like offered at a lower price.

Lazada is owned by popular online entrepreneurs, the Samwer brothers. They own Rocket Internet an online venture building company that is primarily based in Germany. Their impeccable knack for figuring out what the Philippine market wants is incredible which is evident in the number of sales they have managed to come up with only a year at work. They have other online websites all around the globe. They currently have three online ventures in the Philippines, all aiming to make buying wants and needs more convenient and accessible.




LazadaPH TVC


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