Unfamiliarly good: Lazada’s widespread success


One step closer — a little more and it will get there. The e-commerce industry is on its way to becoming more influential than it could have ever imagined. With the help of well-recognized and mogul companies venturing to online selling, how can Filipinos not be drawn to the magic that is e-commerce? It also didn’t hurt that companies known internationally are investing on the Philippine market like Rocket Internet. This online company exists to create diverse types of online shopping sites all over the world. They introduced online shopping in a whole different light to Filipinos by launching websites like LazadaPH and Zalora.

If you’re still in college and is fond of going to college parties or any party for that matter, then you have probably heard of Zalora or seen its logo in the sponsors sections. I would know because majority of the tickets my sister pins to her corkboard has the Zalora seal on it as part of the sponsors. But for people my age in their mid-20’s looking for more than just the latest fashion finds, you would find Lazada more of the same page as you.

Why limit yourself to just shopping for clothes or anything in relation to beauty? Explore your options and get a hold of Lazada –- the Philippines’ online shopping mall featuring more than a thousand merchandises. It has a variety of options carefully categorizing their products to books, home furniture, technological devices, clothes, toys, et al. I am in need of more than just what I have to wear for work with a 2 year old son and another one on his way. It’s very refreshing to encounter an online shop that can offer more than what is expected of them. This online shopping site defied all odds by being able to conceptualize a generally unfamiliar website to the Filipino audience and still be able to make it work.

Filipinos are scared of change but anything gradual can change a person’s entire perspective. As long as Filipinos see an advantage and don’t find any reason to feel like they’re being ripped off with their hard earned money. Good marketing is one thing but the stakes are a lot higher when the company can’t follow through with quality goods to get the customers to come back for a second purchase.

If you’re gushing over the latest phone and at the same time you want to get it at the cheapest price possible, this online website has the solution for you. Indulge yourself in discount paradise by taking advantage of your credit cards and getting discounts on selected products. But don’t get dismayed because of the word ‘selected’. The selection of discounted items change on a regular basis so the chances of what you like being on sale isn’t as small as you think. With such a broad range of items available in this shopping site, you will never run out of surprises. Because of its impeccable lineup of discounted products and promos, it’s no wonder the e-commerce industry is getting more fabulous by the minute.


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