LAZADA caters to all types of avid online shoppers

can you win

It may seem a little surreal to you but technology is without a doubt taking over society. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Too much of everything is after all bad but as long as people remember to keep things in moderation, there isn’t much to fear about. My regular pastime, online shopping, has not taken its toll on me and I plan to keep it that way. It has not put a huge dent on my bills given how terribly addicted I am to buying anything online. But you can’t really put all the blame on me. I mean, I’m just responding to the epic online promos out there. There’s nothing wrong with supporting our fellowmen’s hunger for success.


Like last week, I bough theses amazing chandelier earrings from Lazada Online Shop and it was 20% off. Seriously. That’s a great deal. How could I even refuse? They actually had everything put on sale though it was for only a limited amount of time during that day. I guess regulars a few lucky by-passers were the only ones who knew about it. I signed up for their newsletter so it didn’t come as a shock to me though it unexpectedly put a smile on my face.


I never really liked the idea of signing up for newsletters until I started buying from online shops like Lazada, and Zalora and voucher stores like Cash CashPinoy and Metro Deal. Ever since my mom upgraded my line and gave me 24/7 3G access, I have been more updated with my mails. Every time I get discount promo news, I immediately check it out to see if there’s anything I need included in the sale. Since some online shops especially Lazada based on experience cater to their loyalists a lot more than usual, I realized then that it pays to get your updates ahead of everyone else. Online shopping sites don’t have stocks forever so good deals run out of stock almost instantly. Also, it didn’t hurt that me signing up had an inclusive P300 worth of voucher for free.

Online shopping websites are considered as one of the most successful online innovations so far bringing in billions or maybe even more in profit each year. I won’t be surprised if the e-commerce industry takes over all types of business they can possibly venture into. I have saved a lot since I started buying online. I have to say I kind of like the idea that it has yet to abolish mall or store shopping, as some people would put it. It’s because online shops feel that they have so much more to prove, they are forced to come up with tactics or strategies to win over shopping fanatics like myself. Lazada for example took it to a whole other level by broadening their target and making their website a fit for all types of online shoppers. This way, they don’t unintentionally eliminate potential clients or customers. A few years from now, I’ll look back and grin thinking I was one of the first few people who truly enjoyed its benefits.



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