Lazada’s extreme impact on the growth of Philippine E-commerce

extreme impact

Lazada has been extremely popular to the masses since they launched early last year. Their unconventional method of selling has struck Filipino online enthusiasts as the next best way to shop. Although this method seems too risky, this online shopping website has proven otherwise. Thanks to its outstanding team of developers, it has thrived into becoming one of the biggest e-commerce website in the Philippines today.

You have probably read about this in various newspaper ads or online reviews. But what you do not know about this seemingly extravagant website is that it paid little attention to its marketing channeling most of its energy to providing more effective and efficient online and offline treats.

As a buyer, nothing makes shopping worthwhile than getting more than what you spent for absolutely free. But overall, the most important feature on a successful brand is its ability to deliver its promises and provide utmost service satisfaction. Lazada’s selections of products made it clear to the Filipino online audience just how much this e-commerce shop intensified its content by giving only the best of what Filipino shoppers are after. Thousands worth of products are sold each day with no interruption. It gets a million of visits or more each week that reach out to an audience nationwide. It continues to contribute long-term benefits to its shoppers by providing services above their already affordable and discounted items.

There is so much more to look forward to when making a visit to this wide arrayed website. The selections are categorized well making it easy for customers to locate the items they need or like. Besides their already impressive list of items, they also have promos like warranties and discounts. These special features are designed to win over online buyers specifically to let them see the additional benefits that only then can get through online shopping.

            I find it incredibly invigorating to come across websites that offer unique deals. With such a wide range of options to choose from, it is rare that companies such as Rocket Internet, owner of LazadaPH and Zalora, take its time to establish such a well-funded e-commerce website in our homeland. Filipinos are known for their undeniable obsession over the Internet but that does not directly interpret that Filipinos are fond of online shopping as well. Rocket Internet introduced an online activity commendable because of its long list of benefits or advantages.

            The Philippines is a very small country making its population a lot less than other active and successful neighboring countries. But this fact does not eliminate us from possibly creating an empire all our own. E-commerce can be our window to the growth we have been hungry for all these years. With the help of foreign online venture builders or investors such as Rocket Internet, Filipinos can finally exercise their skills in relation to all things online. It will take more than just a few push to get us ahead of our own game not to mention the game of other already flourishing countries.  Opportunities must not be left untouched.



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