Lazada emphasizes on customer satisfaction through both accessible and affordable deals


I don’t think I will ever get tired of killing time online. I’m not the most athletic person you’ll meet and stretching my fingers through endless typing is probably the most exercise you can get out of me. But this isn’t unlikely to happen given how so many things a person can do when online. Online surfing is my only get away from work. With so much on my plate right now, I am determined to make use of my time the best way I can. And what better way that go shopping for the most irrelevant and uncalled for items that are discounted online, right? Impulsive buying sounds wretched but the best things I own came out of my impulse shopping. Normally the items I buy that are planned end up unused for as long as a year just because it seems all too surreal to have already. It’s a pretty weird mindset but it has been that way ever since I can remember.

When I’m free, I surf shop. It’s my personal time where I get to go online and do whatever that floats my boat. Most often than not, I buy something. But I don’t go beyond what I can afford daily. I make sure that it’s normally only a little over a thousand. My favorite online shop is Lazada because of their ridiculous selections. They have such a broad line that almost every time I go to their web site, I see something that pushes me to spend. But it’s not a terrible thing. First of all, the majority I buy are 20% off or more. If not, it’s payable in installments making it not heavy on the monthly bills. Most of the time, I rely on their homepage that list down the best sellers and monthly specials. They are normally the ones always on sale and it takes away the hassle of having to go through every category to see the latest cheap deals.

The things most epic about buying online especially in Lazada is that I get to save a lot and invest my money ahead of times to items that are necessary to have. I have a bad habit of spending my money on hand on liquor. I might as well put my money to good use by making sure I have the things that are important to me already before I go out splurging only to get me drunk at the end of the day. Lazada certainly hits my soft spot because they’re able to capture my essentials without tearing my paycheck completely apart. Whenever I go shopping, I end up getting drawn to the expensive stuff thinking they’re a lot better in quality compared to those sold for a cheaper price. Reality is that’s not always the case. This fact I was able to prove because of my constant purchase online. Majority of the items I buy that are on sale are branded and are known to be good quality. I definitely think I’m a wise spender. Impulsive but wise. It sounds contradicting but it definitely makes sense to me.


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