Lazada services, safe and trustworthy

secure3 When rating a merchandising company, two factors always come to my mind, processing and follow through. But other factors can branch out from these two very basic characteristics. I am not a graduate of a business course but as far as I am concerned, I have enough knowledge from my personal background to know the important matters to consider when ordering from a merchandising company. Also, I used to own my very own shop a few years ago when Multiply was still the source of all things cheap.

When buying online, I make sure that my concerns are dealt with the best way possible only because the transactions takes place online making it a lot harder to run after in cases of malpractice or fraud. I, myself, find it extremely time-consuming to have to go through a whole process of filing my case that has no definite result at the end. To prevent this from every happening, solidifying the starting process must be reviewed properly.

Lazada’s launch became a turning point to online shopping in the Philippines because of its well sourced out features. They have made it possible to shop with 0% risk with their very popular cash on delivery payment method. Their pre-processing requires limited effort. A customer must simply fill out a submit form that contains all orders with its individual discounts if any as well as other essential information to fully account the said job order. An item can be added to the form without having to leave the window. This feature makes it easier for buyers to keep adding items without redoing the whole process. After which the customer must choose a payment method of his choice either credit card or cash on delivery.

Lazada’s processing allows customers to keep track of their orders. A job order number must simply be encoded on a site provided. The status of the delivery will be stated that can give the customer an estimate of how long the product will arrive. The cash on delivery payment method makes no room for mistakes as the payment itself is only made during the arrival of the product at the specified delivery address. This way, the customer does not have to worry about their money being taken away. This eliminates chances of the money being put to the wrong hands before the item ordered is delivered. The follow through is made by either LBC or 2G0, the carrier companies in charge of the delivery of the products. Orders to be delivered within metro manila take 3-5 days while any transactions made elsewhere only takes a week tops for items to be delivered.

Online shopping is not at all a mystery as it has existed for years now. And year after year, Filipino online users are given a better preview of the perks of e-commerce. As this industry progresses each year, the chances of online shopping taking over the shopping industry must not be taken lightly for in the few years it has been working, it has exceeded expectations and innovated things we never imagined could be possible.


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