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When you see the person in front of you in a line not able to buy any of her groceries, you wonder. How could she have forgotten the most essential thing to shopping, right? And most importantly, how could have she failed to check before leaving the house if she had just the right amount of money to get what she likes?

Companies avoid their customers from making these mistakes as much as possible. So they come up with a variety of ways to make sure that customers no matter how forgetful they may be can still abide by the company’s method of payments. Lazada, an online shopping store found two distinct ways to enable customers to work around their conditions. They have two methods that they have offered on their website. Cash on delivery, a method that will not require a customer to pay right after an order form is accomplished. Instead, the customer will have three to five days to collect the said amount required of her to pay. The days will be dependent on how many days you will have to wait before your package arrives to you. The delivery will be overlooked by either 2G0 or LBC, the two shipping companies Lazada is connected with. Payments that are made through credit cards however just have to go through the traditional way of paying on credit. Credit card details will be required to be submitted after an order form is accomplished. After which, all the customer has to worry about is the actual process of delivery and how many days it will take. Deliveries that are shipped in Metro Manila take roughly about three to five days while shipments outside the main city last only up to seven days maximum.

Companies whether the transactions are made online or offline have to be customer-oriented. They have to research on the normal demands of clients and invent ways to be able to come up with better options. Lazada online shop is not solely based in the Philippines. It has other versions all over Southeast Asia. Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are given the same kind of quality service we receive here. But the payment methods from each country don’t necessarily match. It depends on what the people in that specific country are more likely to make use of. I have my personal bias on cash on delivery just because I don’t like the idea of having to pay on credit. I like to get a hold of all of my money during pay cut. Putting some of my purchases on credit is like depriving me of ever buying anything in cash. I grew up in a very strict family. Everything we bought had to be paid in full each time. We were never allowed to borrow money from anyone because they saw it as bad luck for the months to come. It rubbed off on me having been raised that way all my life and now I am unconsciously requiring my daughter to do the same.



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