Lazada Online Shop: My mom’s impulsiveness, Version 5.0

awkward moment

That awkward when feeling when you can’t pay for your bill.

That is probably the last thing I ever want to happen to me. Well, next to not affording anything completely anymore. I just love the idea of buying myself something and not caring about how much it will cost me because I spent months saving for that very epic day to splurge on God knows what. But it definitely didn’t go as well as I planned. I don’t like the idea of shopping every time I get my salary. I like the feeling of earning and collecting my wage for a few weeks and seeing the total transcribed on my booklet. I have come a long way from my P 0. 00 bank account all throughout high school and almost all my years in college. I bought a pair of Dr. Dre beats in Lazada online shop and just when I was about to type in my credit card digits, my mom barges in my room and sees me. That’s not usually a problem since I’ve been working for three years now and I have been since buying everything on my account. But my mom told me she accidentally cashed out all of my money beyond the maintaining balance when I gave her allowance for her dental check up. She needed rush money to get her wisdom tooth checked so I offered to pay for her bills. She’s one of the few women in her 40’s I know that have managed to not completely ruin her teeth.

Anyway, what my mom did was obviously pretty reckless. My mom is always in a rush so it wasn’t unusual for her to make that sort of mistake. I asked her why she didn’t just deposit some of it back and she said the bank was already closed then. She hasn’t been out of the house since her check up. Well, she’s really not the type who goes out regularly anyway. She’s like an old Bella Swan. So basically, I couldn’t use my card. I wanted to pay in installments but since my mom swiped clean my card, I was forced to pay in cash. It was a good thing Lazada accepted cash payments so I was still able to buy my earphones. It was just a bit devastating how I lost my chance of distributing my debts in a way I can conveniently pay for it.

Also, they gave out additional discount to VISA credit holders making it more of a loss on my part. I saved up for it but it would have still been better to have bought more than just one gift to myself. You know the feeling when you have your whole agenda for the day set out in your mind and something completely out of your control ruins it. What’s worse is it was my mom who caused it. My mom can be a bit messy most of the time. I love her in every way possible but sometimes I just can’t help but wish she can get her act together like before. I guess age does affect a person’s lifestyle in a way they never thought possible.



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