Lazada: Let’s get practical! The reality of today’s overlapping responsibilities


One of the most influential things today is online selling. Anyone can just go online and sign up at any web host for free and sell anything they like. Name it and most likely it’s probably already available online. If you’re planning on pioneering something, it would be very difficult to think of something that has not been thought of already. Lazada however saw this more as an opportunity than a threat. They combined all the elements that make a website effective and put it into one powerhouse. And the outcome? It is now considered as one of the most powerful and talked about website on Facebook in Philippine history garnering a million in sales and online hits.

You don’t see a lot of websites venturing to the same concept Lazada online shopping mall has because of the massive risks each day tries to overcome. This makes it such a needle in a haystack. It incorporated well-established international brands with upcoming local brands and made it accessible to everyone. And its accessibility is not only limited to how often and convenient visiting the site is. The prices are very affordable also. They have a wide range of discounts that make their items a better option than those compared to other offline and online stores. They hold promos and sales weekly, sometimes daily that can be availed on top of the already discounted items. The methods they have available are very easy to adjust to. It mainly focuses on good item options but they don’t stray from focusing on providing quality service in line with the rest of their branches all over Southeast Asia.

When you do a lot of travelling and is constantly on the go, you’ll find online shopping more than just a form of leisure but very suitable and sensible to your lifestyle. You can stop procrastinating and accomplish your errands which require shopping for gadgets, furniture, clothes, etc. You can do this while waiting to board in the airport or while in a shuttle on your way to the hotel. You can also catch up on your loved ones by getting them something special personally handpicked by you and get it delivered to their doorstep for the comfort of both parties. While doing it in person is still irreplaceable in effort, taking time off to choose something for your loved one despite the distance will definitely help preserve whatever relationship it is the two of you have.

Online shopping is most of the time perceived as unnecessary way of managing one’s responsibility but its benefits go beyond just mere easy shopping. It’s not just an excuse to have more time to lounge on the couch. Like the rest of the methods you prefer that seem a lot more practical, shopping online can help resolve a lot of issues. If going online instead can make your life a lot easier, staying indifferent to online shopping sounds a lot more impractical. Also, the cash you get to keep after each purchase gets its respective discount is a chance no one should take for granted. Why settle for an outlet store price if you can get it for a lower price?




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